A&S; Curriculum Committee Minutes, 11/06/01


November 6, 2001

Members Present: J. McLeod, R. Powers, R. Roebuck, M. Rohmann, S. Seif, M. Stenger (Chair), S. Willihnganz

Members Absent: R. Taylor

The minutes of the meeting of October 30 were approved as distributed.

Discussion focused on proposals for Honors General Education courses that would cover two content areas within a 3-credit hour course. The following courses were approved, with the provision that additional materials accompany the courses to the university-wide General Education Course Committee. The additional materials will include more extensive explanation of the purposes and benefits of such courses and sample syllabi and General Education forms delineating the course outcomes and methods of assessment.

HON 211: Topics in Arts and Oral Communication
HON 212: Topics in History and Oral Communication
HON 213: Topics in Humanities and Oral Communication
HON 214: Topics in Social Sciences and Oral Communication
HON 215: Topics in Arts and Written Communication
HON 216: Topics in History and Written Communication
HON 217: Topics in Humanities and Written Communication
HON 218: Topics in Social Sciences and Written Communication

The following courses were also approved.

HIST 360: Modern Jewish History to 1900 (GE-CD2)
HIST 361: Modern Jewish History: 20th Century (GE-CD2)
HON 101: Honors Modes of Inquiry (new course)
HON 320: Research Colloquium in Humanities (new course)
HON 321: Research Colloquium in Natural Sciences (new course)
HON 322: Research Colloquium in Social Sciences (new course)
HON 410: Capstone Senior Seminar in Humanities (new course)
HON 411: Capstone Senior Seminar in Natural Sciences (new course)
HON 412: Capstone Senior Seminar in Social Sciences (new course)
HON 420: Honors Thesis (new course)

A proposal to remove Computer Literacy from General Education and to move it to the majors came forward from David Howarth, Dean of Undergraduate Studies. The committee discussed possible problems in such a move, including issues of faculty decision-making about curriculum and developing necessary courses and assessment within the majors.