A&S; Curriculum Committee Minutes, 10/16/01


October 16, 2001

Members Present: J. McLeod, R. Powers, R. Roebuck, M. Rohmann, S. Seif, M. Stenger (Chair), R. Taylor, S. Willihnganz

Guests: L. Davis (Testing)

The minutes of the meeting of October 2 were approved, with the correction of a typographical error.

The committee discussed the need to review CLEP cut-off scores in the light of the new, computerized examinations which the university began to use in September. Departments will be asked to review their scoring and return new scores by December 1. Students taking the exams this fall will be told that new score information will be available by January 1. The proposal from the Department of English regarding substitution of a departmental exam for the CLEP was deferred until the department could review the new exams to see if that would affect their proposal in any way.

The committee discussed the October 4 memo from the General Education Course Committee. There were questions regarding the implementation of the recommendation that computer literacy competency be removed from General Education and placed within the major program. Clarification of the process will be sought from the Provost’s Office

The following policy or course actions were approved, effective Fall 2002.

Change to AP policy in Spanish: Students scoring a 3, 4, or 5 on the Spanish language AP exam will receive 6 hours credit for Spanish 301 and 302, instead of 6 hours credit for Spanish 321 and 322. [Students receiving a 3, 4, or 5 on the Spanish literature AP exam will continue to receive credit for Spanish 355.]

The committee approved the use of courses in Paralegal Studies for the social sciences divisional credit in college requirements, contingent upon assurance from the Department of Political Science that its curriculum committee reviews the paralegal courses and syllabi.

BIOL 521: Stream Ecology was re-numbered BIOL 524, with 4 hours credit.

BIOL 624: Advanced Stream Ecology was approved as a new course.

PAS 227: Survey of American Diversity was approved for the social/behavioral General Education requirement and will be forwarded to the General Education Course Committee.

PAS 601: Strategies of Pan-African Research, PAS 602: Theories and Issues in Pan-African Studies, and PAS 604: Thesis were approved pending corrections to the CIF forms.

PHIL 316/PAS 316: African American Philosophy was changed to the 500 level and will be forwarded to the Graduate School once minor clarifications are provided by the department.

PHIL 518/WMST 560: Feminist Philosophical Literature was approved as a new course.

The committee deferred action on PHIL 557/PAS 557 and PHIL 657/PAS 657: African Philosophy for clarification of grading information.

PHIL 322: Contemporary Ethical Problems was changed to PHIL 222 and was approved for General Education Humanities credit.

PHIL 319: Sex and Values was changed to PHIL 219 and was approved for General Education Humanities and CD-2 credit.

PHIL 325: Business Ethics was changed to PHIL 225.

A description change was approved for PHIL 321: Ethics.

PHIL 330: Introduction to Applied Philosophy was approved as a new course.

The following courses were deleted:

  • PHIL 534: Critical Theory
  • PHIL 560: Continental Rationalism
  • PHIL 561: British Empiricism
  • PHIL 565: Philosophy of Marxism
  • PHIL 566: Philosophy of Socialism
  • PHIL 570: Pragmatism