A&S; Curriculum Committee Minutes, 09/04/01


September 4, 2001

Members Present: J. McLeod, R. Powers, R. Roebuck, M. Rohmann, S. Seif, M. Stenger (Chair), R. Taylor, S. Willihnganz

The minutes of the meeting of April 6, 2001, were approved as distributed.

The committee discussed the proposal to allow substitutions in the foreign language requirement for students who began the work prior to a suspension of five or more years in their university enrollment. Rather than setting a specific policy, the committee thought it preferable that cases continue to be reviewed on an individual basis by Admissions and Appeals, with recommendations for substitutions as appropriate in consultation with the Department of Classical and Modern Languages.

The committee approved a proposal to remove the restriction on the number of hours in business courses that may apply to the B.A. in Economics. This will be effective for students graduating in December 2001.

A non-thesis option was approved for the M.A. in Physics and will be forwarded to the Graduate School.

The following course actions were approved, effective Fall 2002. All graduate actions must also be approved by the Graduate School, and all actions on General Education courses must also be approved by the university-wide General Education Course Committee.

HIST 559: U.S. and Cold War Policy, approved for WR credit.
MATH 152: Mathematics for Elementary Education II, approved for the General Education requirement in mathematics.
CHNS 301: Advanced Intermediate Chinese I (new course)
CHNS 302: Advanced Intermediate Chinese II (new course)

Action was deferred on courses proposed for General Education cultural diversity credit, pending clarifications from the GEEC.

With the discontinuation of MATH 102 as a UofL course, there is no longer a repeat option for students who failed the course previously. The committee discussed the possibility of creating such an option and will continue the discussion when they have additional information from the Registrar's Office.

Questions had been raised about courses from the departments of Biology and Psychology which had been approved several years ago for P/F grade option. The committee decided to permit the courses to retain that option, even when taken by majors.