A&S; Curriculum Committee Minutes, 11/30/00


November 30, 2000

Members Present: L. Larson, T. Mackey, R. Powers, R. Roebuck, M. Rohmann, E. Segal, M. Stenger (Chair), R. Taylor

WMST 373/ML 365: German Speaking Women Writers and Film Makers was approved as a new course. (The request for GERM 365 was withdrawn by the department.)

At the request of the department, PSYC 201: Introduction to Psychology was removed from the list of courses requesting general education computer literacy credit.

The committee discussed the proposal of 300+ level courses for the general education content areas (HUM/ARTS/SOCS/NS). In light of the guidelines distributed by the university wide General Education Course Committee, which requested that the first set of such proposals be limited to 100-200 level courses, the committee determined that it would not consider 300+ level courses for content areas at this time. It will consider courses at the 300+ level for competency areas.

The following courses were approved for general education and will be forwarded to the GECC:

ANTH 201: Introduction to Cultural Anthropology (as resubmitted)-social behavior/cultural diversity
ANTH 202: Introduction to Biological Anthropology (as resubmitted)-natural sciences
ANTH 203: Introduction to World Pre-history (as resubmitted)-social sciences/cultural diversity

PAS 340: African American Literature (cultural diversity; also description change and removal of prerequisites)
PAS 341: Black Film and Literature (cultural diversity; new course)

PSYC 316: Research and Statistical Analysis (computer literacy)

The following courses were returned to the department for revision of learning outcomes:

PAS 386/GEOG 314; PAS 384/GEOG 362; PAS 225 (with request for change to 300-level); PAS 319/HIST 319; PAS 320/HIST 320; PAS 313; PAS 329; PAS 324; PAS 325; PAS 326; PAS 330; PAS 332/WMST 348; PAS 310/ARTH 343; PAS 311/ARTH 344; PAS 381/ARTH 341; ART 390; ART 528; ART 577; HUM 377/PAS 317; HUM 378/PAS 378; ANTH 305; ANTH 306; ANTH 309/WMST 300; ANTH 310/PAS 368; ANTH 316; ANTH 318/PAS 318; ANTH 319; ANTH 320; ANTH 323; ANTH 327; ANTH 328.

ANTH 325 removed from agenda because at the 300-level for content area only.

The following course actions were approved:

ANTH 316: Ancient Civilizations of Mesoamerica (description/prerequisite change)

PAS 319/HIST 319: African American History I (prerequisite change)
PAS 320/HIST 320: African American History II (prerequisite change)
PAS 324: Political Violence and Resistance (title/prerequisite change)
PAS 325: Black Male Identity (prerequisite change)
PAS 326: Black Political Thought (prerequisite change)
PAS 329: African Diaspora: The Slave Trade (prerequisite change)
PAS 332/WMST 348: African American Women (prerequisite change)
PAS 384/GEOG 362: Disease, Ecology and Environmental Management in Africa (prerequisite change)