A&S; Curriculum Committee Minutes, 11/28/00


November 28, 2000

Members Present: T. Mackey, R. Powers, R. Roebuck, M. Rohmann, E. Segal, M. Stenger (Chair), R. Taylor

Members Absent: L. Larson

The minutes of the meeting of November 21 were corrected to reflect that the committee had reviewed BIOL 102 and 263 for General Education and returned them to the department for additional information. With this correction, the minutes were approved as distributed.

The following course actions were approved, effective Fall 2001:

GEOS 105: Introduction to Earth Systems (delete)
GEOS 107: Earth Systems Science (delete)
GEOS 205: Environmental Geography (delete)

GEOG 201: World Regional Geography (delete)

The committee approved the following courses for General Education and will forward them to the university-wide General Education Course Committee.

PAS 200: Introduction to Pan African Studies I-social/behavioral sciences
[Note: returned to department for description of how the course addresses the cultural diversity learning outcomes.]
JA 200: Crime and Justice in the United States-social/behavioral
JA 303: Corrections in the United States-social/behavioral (level change to 202)
JA 301: Law Enforcement in the United States-social/behavioral (level change to 201)

PSYC 201: Intro to Psychology-social/behavioral
[Note: returned to department for description of how the course addresses computer literacy outcomes.]

ENGL 250: Introduction to Literature-humanities

GEOS 200: The Global Environment-natural sciences (new course)
GEOS 201: Physical Geology-natural sciences
GEOS 203: Physical Geology Lab-natural sciences

GEOG 200: Social Geography-social/behavioral and computer literacy Curriculum Committee

HUM 301: Ancient Greek and Roman Cultures-cultural diversity
HUM 302: Medieval Cultures-cultural diversity
HUM 303: Renaissance Cultures-cultural diversity
HUM 307: Eastern Cultures-cultural diversity
HUM 331/WMST 303: Humanities Perspectives on Sex Roles-cultural diversity
HUM 339: Studies in World Mythology-cultural diversity
HUM 341: Eastern Religions-cultural diversity
HUM 345/WMST 345: Women in Hinduism and Buddhism-cultural diversity

The following courses were not approved:

HUM 304: Culture of the Modern Period, for cultural diversity
HUM 305: American Culture, for cultural diversity

The following courses were returned to the departments for clarification of the specific ways in which learning outcomes would be addressed/assessed:

PAS 227: Survey of American Diversity, for social/behavioral sciences and cultural diversity
ARTH 203: Introduction to Art, for arts
ARTH 250: Ancient Through Medieval Art, for arts
ARTH 270: Renaissance Through Modern Art, for arts
FREN 150: Introduction to the French Speaking World, arts/humanities/oral communication/cultural diversity
ANTH 201: Introduction to Cultural Anthropology, social/behavioral and cultural diversity
ANTH 202: Introduction to Biological Anthropology, natural sciences
ANTH 203: Introduction to Archaeology, social/behavioral, cultural diversity, and computer literacy