A&S; Curriculum Committee Minutes, 04/19/00


April 19, 2000

Members Present: R. Baldwin, J. Hart, T. Mackey, R. Powers, M. Rohmann, R. Taylor

Members Absent: M. Flannery, M. Stenger

Guests: D. Journet

Professor Mackey presided in the absence of Professor Stenger.

The committee approved the Sociology Department's request to rescind its requirement that Sociology majors must have a grade of C or better in all core courses. The policy will no longer apply to any student, regardless of catalog year.

The proposal for a minor in Classical Languages was tabled until meetings resume in the fall. The committee had questions about course availability and also wished to see a letter of endorsement from the chair of the department.

The proposal for several physical training courses in Military Science was tabled until fall, pending receipt of a memo from the department chair. The committee also indicated it had questions about the credit status of the courses.

The following course actions were approved, effective 00F:

COMM 402: Practicum in Communications (delete)

COMM 380: Practicum (new course; 1-3 hours)

COMM 480: Senior Practicum (new course, 1-3 hours) The department indicated that a student could receive a maximum of 3 hours of credit in each course.

The committee discussed the revised proposal for a university-wide undergraduate council which will be brought before the Faculty Assembly. The committee's primary concerns had to do with mechanisms for assessment of general education courses.