December 7, 1999


Members Present: R. Baldwin, M. Flannery, J. Hart, T. Mackey, R. Powers,

M. Rohmann, M. Stenger, R. Taylor

Guests: R. Roebuck (Spanish)


The committee discussed the proposal for changes to the major and minor in Spanish. There was concern that, as proposed, a Spanish major would require more than 4 years. Action on the proposal and on the accompanying course requests was deferred for further discussion within the department.

A student petition to use ITAL 321 for the SP requirement was approved.

Changes to the major in Chemistry were discussed. CHEM 570 was added and PHYS 300 deleted from the B.S. requirements. The department was requested to submit the full proposal for changes as early in the spring semester as possible as the Committee strongly preferred not to review changes piecemeal.

The following course actions were approved, effective Fall 2000:

CHEM 450: Computational Chemistry (new course)

CHEM 463: Physical Chemistry Laboratory I (delete)

CHEM 464: Physical Chemistry Laboratory II (delete)

CHEM 470: Physical Chemistry Laboratory (new course)

CHEM 546: Biochemistry Laboratory (new course)

TA 207: Introduction to Theatre (title change)

TA 246: Stage Make-up (change to 300-level)

TA 323: Acting/Directing the Black Experience (multiple changes;

cross-list with PAS 323; action on WR deferred)

PAS 323: Acting/Directing the Black Experience (new course)

TA 343/PAS 343: The Black Aesthetic on Stage (new course)

TA 362: Off-Broadway Plays By and About African Americans (delete)

TA 364/PAS 351: Broadway Plays By and About African Americans (delete)

TA 367/PAS 367: Black Dramatic Literature (new course; action on WR deferred)

TA 661: Approaching Period Drama (description change)

TA 662: Approaching Realistic Drama (description change)

TA 663: Approaching Anti-realistic Drama (description change)

TA 664/PAS 664: Approaching African American Theatre (new course)

PAS 525: African Americans in Contemporary Society (change to 600-level)

PAS 614: History of Pan-African Social Thought (new course)


HIST 389: Psychohistory was approved for WR credit, effective 00S

An additional contact hour in PSYC 201 was approved. This will be used for recitation and will not change the credit hours earned.