A&S; Curriculum Committee Minutes, 11/2/99


NOVEMBER 2, 1999

Members Present: R. Baldwin, M. Flannery, J. Hart, T. Mackey, R. Powers, M. Rohmann, M. Stenger (Chair)

Members Absent: R. Taylor

Guests: T. Cantroll (ASL/ITP)

The minutes of the meeting of September 28 were corrected to reflect that the descriptions for the Aerospace Science courses would be shortened prior to submission for the inventory. With this addition, the minutes were approved as distributed.

The following course action requests were approved, effective Fall 2000 unless otherwise noted:

ANTH 346:  Cities, Society, and Culture-WR credit

ASL 101:  American Sign Language I-description change
ASL 102-302:  American Sigh Language II-VI-description/prerequisite changes
ASL 213:  Special Topics in ASL (new course; effective 2000S)
ASL 313:  Special Topics in Interpreting (new course; effective 2000S)

ITP 115:  Heritage and Culture of the Deaf (prerequisite change)
ITP 215:  Voice to Sign: Theory (title/description/prerequisite change)
ITP 220:  Preinterpreting Skills (title/description/prerequisite change)
ITP 230:  Sign to Voice: Theory (title/description/prerequisite change)
ITP 290:  Sign to Voice: Transliterating (delete)
ITP 310:  Interpreting in Private Practice (multiple changes)
ITP 120:  Fingerspelling (prerequisite change)
ITP 225:  Voice to Sign: Interpreting (description/prerequisite change)
ITP 370:  Interpreting in Specialized Settings I (multiple changes)
ITP 265:  Voice to Sign: Transliterating (description/prerequisite change)
ITP 270:  Sign to Voice:  Interpreting
          (title/description/prerequisite change)
ITP 430:  Interpreting in Specialized Settings II
          (title/description/prerequisite change)
ITP 470:  Practicum in Interpreting I
          (title/description/prerequisite change)
ITP 299:  Practicum in Interpreting (title/description change)

GEOG 319:  Geography of Western Europe (delete)
GEOG 359:  Computer Mapping (delete)
GEOG 431:  Urban Population Geography (delete)
GEOG 318:  Geography of Easter Europe (delete)
GEOG 510:  Geography of the Ancient World (new course)
GEOG 628:  Advanced Urban Planning (multiple changes)
GEOG 531/631:  Urban Demography (new course)
GEOG 535:  Retail Site Analysis (removal of graduate credit)
GEOG 635:  Retail Site Analysis (multiple changes)
GEOG 561:  Urban Environmental Quality (cross-list with PLAN 615)
GEOG 656:  Spatial Statistics (cross-list with PLAN 615)
GEOG 658:  Analytical Urban Geography (cross list with PLAN 616)
GEOG 657:  Geographic Information Systems (multiple changes)

GEOS 360:  Geology of the Ice Ages (title change)
GEOS 565:  Geologic Hazards (title change)
GEOS 510:  Geography for Teachers (title change)
GEOS 610:  Earth and Space Science for Teachers (new course)

GERM 511:  Studies in Medieval German Literature (delete)
GERM 513:  Studies in Early New High German (delete)
GERM 621:  History of  the German Language (delete)
GERM 624:  German Applied Linguistics (delete)

ML 241:  Greek Etymology (delete)
ML 242:  Latin Etymology (delete)
ML 340:  Survey of Classical Literature (delete)

WMST 590:  Independent Study (change to variable credit hour)
WMST 592:  Advanced Studies in Women's Studies (title change)
WMST 690:  Independent Study (new course; effective 2000S
WMST 369:  Advanced Topics in Women's Studies (new course; effective 2000S)

POLS 625:  Seminar in Public Administration (multiple changes)
POLS 304:  Problems of Urban Administration (delete)
POLS 323:  History of American Political Parties (delete)
POLS 337:  The United States Intelligence Community (delete)
POLS 339:  Political Economy of Development (delete)
POLS 341:  Government and Politics of Great Britain (delete)
POLS 356:  The United States and the Middle East (delete)
POLS 396:  Political Socialization and Behavior (delete)
POLS 535:  Problems in American Foreign Policy (delete)
POLS 555:  Middle Eastern Political Thought (delete)