A&S; Curriculum Committee Minutes, 12/3/98


December 3, 1998

Members Present: R. Baldwin, J. Hart, T. Mackey, S. Maloney (Chair), M. Rohmann, M. Stenger, R. Taylor

Members Absent: R. Sahoo

Professor Maloney called the meeting to order at 3:05 p.m.

The minutes of the meeting of October 19 were approved as distributed.

The committee approved the objectives for the Humanities major.

The committee approved changes to the BA/BS requirements in Pan-African Studies, subject to certain clarifications to be made by Dean Taylor with the department chair.

The following changes were approved to the B.A. in Theatre Arts:

    - TA 366 and TA 364 to be added as options in the major core sequence of 360, 361, 371
    - TA 326, 362, and 365 be added to options in the same category as 322, 323, 366, and 460
Changes to the BFA in Theatre Arts with concentration in Performance:
    - Addition of TA 366 and 364 to the core as above
    - TA 323 to become an alternative to TA 330
Changes to the BFA in Theatre Arts with concentration in Production:
    - TA 323 to become an alternative to TA 330
    - TA 366 to become an alternative to TA 361
    - TA 364 to become an alternative to TA 371
The following course actions were approved, effective 99U unless otherwise noted:
    ANTH 346: Urban Anthropology (title change)
    ANTH 333: Development Anthropology (title/description change)
    HUM 316: Modern Islamic Thought (cross-cultural GER)
    HUM 317: Modern Jewish Thought (cross-cultural GER)
    HUM 381: Russian Culture (cross-cultural GER)
    HUM 387: The Holocaust and the Western Imagination (historical studies GER; effective immediately)
    HUM 377/PAS 317: African-American Religion (cross-cultural GER)
    HUM 379/PAS 328: African-American Islam (cross-cultural GER)
    HUM 368: Theories of Theatrical Performance (new course)
    (The committee did not approve HUM 396: Futuristics for cross-cultural GER)
    HIST 514: U.S. Peace Movement (new course)
    SPAN 331: Culture of Spain (description change; cross-cultural GER)
    ENGL 626: ESL Endorsement Portfolio (new course)
    POLS 345: Postcommunist Political Systems (title change)
    POLS 380: Elements of Political Theory (WR credit effective 99F)
    POLS 504: Topics in Political Theory (WR credit)
    SOC 340: Mental Health and Illness (new course)
    SOC 341: Sociology of Disability (new course)
    SOC 440: Genetics, Science, and Society (new course; WR credit)
    SOC 441: Medical Demography (new course)
    PAS 313: Urban Ritual Violence (new course; Humanities and cross-cultural GER)
    PAS 561: Africa: Environment and Resources (new course; submission to Graduate School deferred for cross-listing with GEOG)
    TA 322/PAS 354: African-American Theatre Workshop (new course in PAS; cross-listing)
    TA 326/PAS 355: Cultural Diversity in Performance (description change to TA 326; new course in PAS; cross-listing)
    TA 364/PAS 351: Broadway Plays By and About African-Americans (prerequisite change to TA 364; new course in PAS; WR credit; cross-listing)
    TA 366/PAS 356: History of African-American Theatre (new course in PAS; WR credit, cross-listing)
    GERM 303: Children's Literature (new course)
    GERM 520: Age of Goethe (new course)
    ITP 120: Fingerspelling (description/level change)
    ITP 125: Voice-to-Sign: Theory (level change)
    ITP 220: Processing Interpreting Skills (new course)
    ITP 225: Voice-to-Sign: Interpreting (description/level change)
    ITP 265: Voice-to-Sign: Transliterating (description/level change)
    ITP 270: Sign-to-Voice: Interpreting (description/level change)
    ITP 299: Practicum in Interpreting (description/level change)
    ITP 310: Interpreting as Private Practice (new course)
    ITP 370: Settings and Interpreting Specialties (new course)
    ITP 390: Linguistics and ASL 1 (new course)
    ITP 470: Pre-practicum in Interpreting (new course)
    ITP 490: Linguistics and ASL II (new course)
    ASL 301: American Sign Language V (new course)
    ASL 302: American Sign Language VI (new course)
A five-year special program for the M.A. in Sociology was approved and will be forwarded to the Graduate School.

A graduate certificate in Pan-African Studies was approved and will be forwarded to the Graduate School.

A student petition regarding the use of courses for elective credit was approved.

The meeting was adjourned at 4:45 p.m.