A&S; Curriculum Committee Minutes, 11/18/97



NOVEMBER 18, 1997

Members present: S. Davis, J. Hart, S. Maloney, M. Rohmann, E. Segal (Chair), M. Stenger, R. Taylor

Members absent: R. Sahoo

Guests: D. Rountree, R. Fell, M. Hawkesworth, Y. Jones

Professor Segal called the meeting to order at 9:35.

The Committee approved changes to the B.A., B.S., and minor in Biology, 
effective 98F.  The new core for the B.A. in Biology will be 21 rather than 18 
hours: BIOL 240/241; 242/243; 301/302; 329; and 330/331. The B.A. will have 12 
rather than 15 hours of biology electives, leaving the total hours required in 
the major at 33. The minor in Biology will be identical to the core for the 

Two of the tracks in the B.S. in Biology were renamed:  the "Biotechnology" 
track will become "Genetics/Subcellular"; the "Pre-Health track will become 
"Cellular/Physiology." Various course adjustments were made to the tracks in 
the B.S.

The Committee approved changes to the B.A. and B.S. in Political Science.     

The following course actions were approved, effective 98U unless otherwise 

        BIOL 220:  Cellular and Molecular Biology; changed to 300 level as 
                BIOL 329
        BIOL 240:  Diversity of Organisms; title change to "Diversity of 
        BIOL 241:  Diversity of Organisms Lab; title change to "Diversity of 
                Animals: Lab" and credit change from 2 to 1 hour
        BIOL 304:  Biology of Plants; changed to 200 level as BIOL 242 
                NOTE:  BIOL 242 will not be acceptable as a repeat of
                       BIOL 304 without special permission of the department.
        BIOL 243:  Biology of Plants: Laboratory; new course
        BIOL 348:  Vertebrate Embryology; WR credit

        POLS 111:  Political Discourse; new course; SP credit;          
                Social/Behavioral GER credit
        POLS 203:  Political Issues; new course; Social/Behavioral GER credit
        POLS 450:  Issues in World Affairs; new course
        POLS 495:  Senior Seminar; new course; WR credit

The Committee began a discussion of proposed changes to the curriculum of Pan 
African Studies, but deferred action on specific requests until it completed 
that discussion at a later meeting.

The meeting was adjourned at 11:30.