A&S; Curriculum Committee Minutes, 11/11/97



NOVEMBER 11, 1997

Members present: S. Davis, J. Hart, S. Maloney, M. Rohmann, R. Sahoo, E. Segal (Chair), M. Stenger, R. Taylor

Guests: B. Adams (HIST), E. Wise (HUM)

Professor Segal called the meeting to order at 9:35.

The minutes of October 21 and 28 were approved as circulated.
The minutes of the meeting of November 4 were corrected to read that the 
prerequisite of FREN 320 was added to FREN 321 AND 322, and that HIST 583/WMST 
531:  Women in the Twentieth Century in Europe and the U.S. was approved as a 
new course and for WR credit.

The committee scheduled its meetings for the spring 98 semester for Tuesdays, 

The committee discussed with Professor Wise the potential effect on Art and 
Art History majors of the Humanities Division's proposal to remove 500-level 
Humanities courses from the list of approved GER courses in the HUM area.  It 
was agreed that if there was concern that this change would result in Art and 
Art History majors fulfilling their general education humanities requirements 
without having a course outside Art History and Theatre Arts, the department 
should specify that a course in English, Humanities, or Philosophy must be 
included in the degree's Division of Humanities requirements.  

Professor Adams and the committee discussed the concerns of faculty in the 
Department of History about the interpretation of the criteria for 
cross-cultural GER courses.  The committee agreed that the intent of the 
present policy should be further clarified.  It determined to take a review of 
the intent of the policy and the definition of the course criteria to the 
Faculty Assembly early in the spring semester.  Pending that action, it tabled 
all pending requests for cross-cultural course designations.  (The history 
courses approved for cross-cultural credit at the meeting of 10/28/97 are not 
affected by this action.)

The committee approved a proposal from the Department of History to 
double-list courses for area requirements in the major and minor in history.  
The following courses are approved for application to more than one area; 
however, a single course will not fulfill both area requirements for an 
individual student.  

        HIST 313: American area OR Asia, Africa, Latin American area
        HIST 323: European-Modern area OR American area
        HIST 324: European-Modern area OR American area
        HIST 359: Asia, Africa, Latin American area OR European-Modern
        HIST 361: European-Modern area OR American area
        HIST 362: Asia, Africa, Latin American area OR American area
        HIST 367: European-Modern area OR Asia, Africa, Latin 
                American area
        HIST 377: Asia, Africa, Latin American area OR 
                European-Modern area
        HIST 378: Asia, Africa, Latin American area OR 
                European-Modern area
        HIST 504: European-Modern area OR American area
        HIST 583: American area OR European-Modern area
        HIST 593: American area OR Asia, Africa, Latin American area

The Committee approved the proposal to treat courses earned by A&S; students 
participating in the National Student Exchange according to the Metroversity 
model.  The courses will apply to resident credit and will be entered on the 
UofL transcript, with a notation as to the institution at which they were 

The following course actions were approved, effective 98U unless otherwise 

        SOC 374:  Industrial Sociology; WR credit

        PHIL 503/603:  Philosophical Writing and Research; new course

        ASL 101:  American Sign Language I; new course
        ASL 102:  American Sign Language II; new course 
        ASL 201:  American Sign Language III; new course
        ASL 202:  American Sign Language IV; new course
        ITP 115:  Heritage and Culture of the Deaf; new course
        ITP 120:  Fingerspelling; new course
        ITP 125:  Voice-to-Sign: Theory; new course
        ITP 225:  Voice-to-Sign: Interpreting; new course
        ITP 230:  Sign-to-Voice: Theory; new course
        ITP 265:  Voice-to-Sign: Transliterating; new course
        ITP 270:  Sign-to-Voice: Interpreting; new course
        ITP 290:  Sign-to-Voice: Transliterating; new course
        ITP 299:  Practicum in Interpreting; new course

        ARTH 361: Early Christian and Byzantine Art; deleted
        ARTH 381: Baroque Art; description change
        ARTH 393: Sources of Modern Architecture; 
                title/description change
        ARTH 394: Twentieth Century Architecture; description change
        ARTH 395: Art and Architecture in the U.S.; description change
        ARTH 540: Approaches to Study of Art History; SP approval
                (The course may be applied to both WR and SP requirements.)

The meeting was adjourned at 11:05.