A&S; Curriculum Committee Minutes, 2/16/98



February 16, 1998

Members present: S. Davis, J. Hart, S. Maloney, P. Sahoo, E. Segal (Chair), M. Stenger

Members absent: M. Rohmann, R. Taylor

Guests: R. Baldwin, P. Coomes, W. Walsh

Professor Segal called the meeting to order at 9:35.

The minutes of the meeting of February 9, 1998, were approved as

Guests before the committee gave their presentations and answered

Professor Baldwin discussed the rationale for changes in the
Chemistry curriculum.  CHEM 320 will replace ISDP 170 as a degree
requirement in the BS and BA curricula.  CHEM 515-516, 525-526, or
543-544 (for a total of 4 hours) will replace Chemistry elective
(500-level or above) in the BS/Biochemistry degree.
The language requirement in the BS degree was changed to 6-8 hours
unspecified foreign language.

Professor Coomes presented a proposal for a minor in Economics,
which was approved.  The 18-hour minor will consist of Econ 201,
202, 301, and 302; and 6 additional hours in Economics at the 300-400 level, 
with a minimum gpa of 2.5.

ECON 397, 398, and 399 were approved for Co-op credit, which may be
applied toward the BA in Economics.

Professor Walsh discussed proposed course changes from Justice
Administration and the following were approved:  

        JA 383: Police Executive Development, change to Police
        Leadership Development.  Changed from 2 credit hours to variable
        credit (1-6).  

        JA 476:  level change to 576.

        All actions are effective Fall 1998.

The committee revisited discussion of a memo from Dean Carter
regarding imcompletes.  The committee decide that the deadlines for
"I"s to revert to "F"s should remain as they currently are.  The
committee also discussed the idea of  default grade assignment
other than "F" for "I"s which are never completed, and will ask
Dean Carter to draft a formal policy statement for presentation to
the Faculty Assembly, if he so wishes.

The committee discussed an inquiry from Professor Flodstrom,
Director of Honors, regarding the discontinuance of program gpa and
the effect of the policy change on the calculation of eligibility
for college honors.  The use of university gpa, as opposed to
program gpa, for calculation of academic standing is tentatively
scheduled for Fall 1999.  The committee decided that students
should be advised based on the current catalog information for the
time being.

The committee continued its definition of cross-cultural courses,
and Professor Segal agreed to draft a definition for discussion and
a decision at a future meeting.