A&S; Curriculum Committee Minutes, 12/2/97



DECEMBER 2, 1997

Members present: S. Davis, J. Hart, S. Maloney, M. Rohmann, R. Sahoo, E. Segal (Chair), M. Stenger, R. Taylor

Guests: L. Littleway (TA), D. Palmer (TA)

Professor Segal called the meeting to order at 9:35.

The minutes of the meeting of November 11 were approved as distributed.

Changes to the minor in English were approved, effective 98F.  The minor 
program will note that within the 12 required hours of historical surveys 
(ENGL 301-302 and 311-312) students may elect to substitute two WR courses 
from a list of acceptable substitutions listed under the major requirements.  

The committee approved changes to the requirements for the B.S in 
Science-Dentistry, effective 98F.  The foreign language requirement was 
reduced from 12 to 8 hours, and two additional biology courses totalling 7-9 
hours were added to the natural science requirements.  Elective hours were 
reduced to 3-9, keeping total program hours in A&S; at 97.  

The committee also authorized the dean's office to make administrative changes 
as necessary in the other cooperative B.S. Science programs to reflect the 
recent changes to the biology curriculum.

For B.S. and B.S./Biochemistry degrees in Chemistry, the requirement of 3 
hours of chemistry electives was replaced with a requirement of 3 hours in 
undergraduate research or cooperative internship.

The following course actions were approved, effective 98U unless otherwise 

        POLS 331: International Organization; description change; 
                WR credit
        POLS 519: Urban Poverty and Policy; WR credit

        SOC 373:  Occupations and Organizations; change to 
                400-level; prerequisite changes; WR credit
        SOC 400:  Independent Study; description change limits to 
                6 the number of hours of independent study which may 
                be applied to the major in sociology
        SOC 521:  Social Transformation in Eastern and Central 
                Europe; new course
        SOC 616: Advanced Multivariate Modeling; cross-listed 
                with PSYC 614      
        PSYC 614: Advanced Multivariate Modeling; new course; 
                cross-listed with SOC 616
        SOC 634:  Social Network Analysis; description change; 
                change to 500-level
        PHYS 634: General Relativity; new course

        PSYC 400: Research Practicum; change of grade option to P/F
                (P/F grade option may be used even though the course 
                is required of majors.)
        PSYC 405/406: Honors Research; new courses
        PSYC 693: Interviewing Skills Practicum; new course
        PSYC 694: Supervision Practicum;new course

        CHEM 100: Introduction to Chemistry; title/description change
                (This course will become the primary remedial course 
                for Chemistry 201.)
        CHEM 101: Elements of General and Biological Chemistry; title/
                description change
                (This course will become the primary general 
                education course in chemistry.)
        CHEM 102: Elements of General and Biological Chemistry 
                II; delete
        CHEM 105: Chemistry for Health Professionals; new course 
                (to be required by the nursing program)
        BIOL 390: Special Topics; new course
        BIOL 391: Special Topics; new course; WR credit
        BIOL 406: Undergraduate Research; new course; WR credit
        BIOL 504: Independent Study; new course; WR credit

In connection with the approval of BIOL 391, 406, and 504, variable hour 
courses, the committee discussed application toward the WR requirement of a 
course carrying less than 3 hours credit. It concluded that if the course met 
all WR requirements (minimum words, etc) than a student could fulfill the 
upper division WR requirement with fewer than 6 credit hours in two WR courses.

Professors Littleway and Palmer responded to questions about several course 
proposals from Theatre Arts.  Action was deferred until the next committee 

The meeting adjourned at 11:00.