A&S; Curriculum Committee Minutes, 4/20/98



April 20, 1998

Members present: S. Davis, M. Rohmann, P. Sahoo, E. Segal (Chair), R. Taylor

Members absent: J. Hart, S. Maloney, M. Stenger

Guests: D. Imbroscio (POLS)

The minutes of the meeting of March 30, 1998, were approved as distributed.

Professor Imbroscio responded to questions about the proposal from the
Department of Political Science for a combined BA or BS/MA degree.  The
combined degree will permit UofL students meeting certain prerequisites within
their undergraduate major to complete the non-thesis option of the MA with 30
rather than 36 credit hours.  The committee approved the proposal, which will
be forwarded to the Graduate Council.

The committee approved changes to credit for the Advanced Placement examination
in physics, necessitated by changes to the examination (division of the
Physics-C exam into two exams, C-Mech and C-E&M;).  The changes had been in
effect for several years, and placement credit had been determined in the
interim according to a policy acceptable to the chair of the department.  As
no new policy statement had been forthcoming from the department, the chair
was asked to notify the committee if the interim policy should not be included
in the catalog.  There being no objection to this, the following policy was
approved by the committee, effective immediately:

	Physics C-Mech Examination:  4 hours credit for scores of 3, 4, or 5.
        May be used in place of Physics 298 and 295:  Introductory Mechanics,
        Heat and Sound and Laboratory I.
	Physics C-E&M; Examination:  4 hours credit for scores 3, 4, or 5.
        May be used in place of Physics 299 and 296:  Introductory Electricity,
        Magnetism and Light and Introductory Laboratory II.

The committee approved a policy proposed by the Undergraduate Council that all
entering students with an ACT composite score of 18 or lower will be required
to take the University Placement Examination in Reading and to enroll in
appropriate reading and/or study skills courses if so indicated by the test

The following course actions were approved, effective 98F unless otherwise
	MILS 410:  Independent Study in Leadership (new course; effective 98U)
	HIST 329:  History of the New South (new course)
	POLS 563:  Women and Leadership in Developing Countries (WR credit)

The committee then returned to its consideration of courses which had been
submitted for cross-cultural general education credit.  In the absence of
action on the definition of cross-cultural courses are the recent Faculty
Assembly meeting, the committee determined to apply its own best judgment on
the intent of the requirement.  The following courses were approved for
cross-cultural credit, effective 98F:

	HIST 332:  Latin America, 1820-Present
	HIST 334:  History of Mexico
	HIST 378:  Ottoman Empire and Modern Turkey from 1800
	HIST 399:  The Vietnam War
	HIST 533:  Twentieth-Century Latin America
	HIST 592:  East Asia in Conflict
	HIST 594:  Studies in Middle Eastern History
	ANTH 324:  Religion in South Asian Society
	PAS 333:  Women's Health in Africa
	PAS 334:  African Development
	PAS 342:  African, African-American and Caribbean Women Novelists
	PAS 360:  African Diaspora in the Caribbean and Latin America
	PAS 366:  Inequality and Health:  the Black Experience
	PAS 375:  Public Health in Africa
	PAS 384:  Disease, Ecology, and Environmental Management in Africa
		(cross-listed with GEOG 362)
	PAS 396:  History of the Caribbean
	PAS 560:  Geography and Nutrition Among Africans and African-Americans
		(cross-listed with GEOG 520)
	TA 326:  Cultural Diversity in Performance
	TA 362:  Off-Broadway Plays by and about African-Americans
	TA 363:  African-American Woman Dramatists
	TA 364:  Broadway Plays about African-Americans
	TA 366:  History of African-American Theatre

The following courses were not approved for the cross-cultural requirement:  

	HIST 309:  Europe from 1800-Present
	HIST 322:  History of the Civil Rights Movement, 1900-Present
	HIST 323:  History of the Family, 1700-Present
	HIST 355:  European Ideas and Ideologies
	HIST 362:  The United States and the Middle East
	HIST 366:  English History:  Tudor Age to Welfare State
	HIST 367:  British Imperialism
	HIST 381:  Europe in the Nineteenth Century
	HIST 382:  Europe in the Twentieth Century
	HIST 384:  Modern Culture
	HIST 386:  Modern Germany, 1848-1945
	HIST 387:  The Holocaust and the Western Imagination
	HIST 538:  Black Leadership
	HIST 547:  Studies in Russian History
	HIST 560:  The Great War, 1914-1918
	HIST 563:  The Middle Eastern Wars II
	HIST 577:  French Revolution and Napoleon
	HIST 578:  Studies in European History
	HIST 579:  History of European Ideas
	HIST 582:  Contemporary Europe Since 1945
	HIST 585:  The Third Reich
	HIST 593:  American Images of the Middle East
	PAS 200:  Introduction to African-American Studies
	PAS 215:  Black Writing Strategies
	PAS 540:  Pedagogy of African Studies
	TA 322:  African-American Theatre Workshop
	TA 323:  Acting/Directing the Black Experience
In response to a question from the Advising Center, the committee ruled that
all individual student appeals for exceptions to the application of transfer
credits toward degree requirements should be directed to the Committee on
Admissions and Appeals.

Having completed action on all items on the agenda, the committee adjourned.
Further meetings are not planned until the fall semester.