A&S Curriculum Committee Minutes Sept 17 1996



SEPTEMBER 17, 1996

Members present: R. Kimball, H. Miller, J. Morrill, Chair, J. Morrison, M. Rohmann, R. Sahoo, E. Segal, R. Taylor

Guests present: R. Fell, J. Robinson, N. Theriot, O. Wiggins

Professor Morrill called the meeting to order at 9:05.

The minutes of the meeting of September 3, 1996, were approved as distributed.

The following curriculum actions were approved, effective 97U unless otherwise noted. Graduate actions are pending approval of the Graduate School.

    BIOL 416: Biotechnology Methods. Change FROM 3 TO 4 credit hours. Prerequisites established as BIOL 220, 330, 331, and 335 or 357. Approved for GER WR credit.

    BIOL 563: Population and Community Ecology (new course; effective 97S)

    BIOL 663: Advanced Population and Community Ecology (description change)

    PHIL 535/635: Political Philosophy (new course)

A proposal to restructure the doctoral program in Experimental Psychology was approved. Primary changes were (1) restructuring of the core curriculum; (2) formalization of the curricula for the three areas of concentration in the doctoral program; (3) converting the Master's degree from a prerequisite for the Ph.D. to an optional degree with both thesis and research portfolio options; and (4) incorporating cooperative learning into instruction.

The changes included the following course actions:

    PSYC 600: Research in Cognition (new course)
    PSYC 601: Current Literature (title, description, credit hours change)
    PSYC 602: Research in Perception and Sensory Physiology (new course)
    PSYC 610: Supervised Research (delete)
    PSYC 621: Learning II: Cognitive Processes (title change)
    PSYC 622: Proseminar in Cognition (new course)
    PSYC 632: Topical Seminar in Perception (title/description change)
    PSYC 633: Visual Processes (new course)
    PSYC 634: Intermediate-Level Vision (new course)
    PSYC 642: Physiological Psychology (title change)
    PSYC 643: Principles of Neuroscience (new course)
    PSYC 671: Social Psychology Proseminar (new course)
    PSYC 675: Social Psychology Methods (new course)

Professor Theriot presented a proposal for a graduate certificate in Women's Studies. The certificate would be available to students enrolled in masters or doctoral programs at the University and would be completed simultaneously with the primary graduate program. The certificate would require 12 hours of coursework at the 500-600 level approved by the director of Women's Studies, to include:

  1. at least one course at the 600-level
  2. at least one course outside of the student's home department
  3. at least one course with a focus on feminist theory (unless waived by the WMST director on the basis of previous course completion).

It was noted that a single course could be used to satisfy more than one of the requirements above.

The question was asked if the 12 hours of coursework with a WMST focus were to be in addition to the minimum requirements for the graduate degree, and the response was that they were NOT necessarily additional hours. Depending upon the requirements in a specific degree program, all hours might be double-counted. The committee asked Professor Theriot to specify this in the final version of the proposal, and also to specify administrative contact between the Women's Studies program and the student's home department as a step in application for the certificate. Pending these clarifications, the program was approved.

The meeting adjourned at 10:30.