A&S Curriculum Committee Minutes Nov 12 1996



November 12, 1996

Members present: R. Kimball, H. Miller, J. Morrill, Chair, J. Morrison, M. Rohmann, R. Sahoo, E. Segal, R. Taylor

Members absent: C. Galloway

Guests: A. Greenfeld (CM), Y. Jones (PAS)

Professor Morrill called the meeting to order at 9:05.

The minutes of the meeting of October 22, 1996, were approved as distributed.

The following course actions were approved, effective 97U unless otherwise 

        BIOL 621:  Molecular Biological Approaches to Environmental
                         Research (new course)

        POLS 495:  Political Leadership (changed to POLS 395; WR)
        LING 520:  Phonetics and Phonology (changed to LING 620)

        PAS 325:  Black Male Identity (new course: cross-cultural GER)   
        PAS 324:  Politics, Political Violence and Black Resistance (new course;
                         cross-cultural GER)
        PAS 326:  Black Political Thought (new course; cross-cultural GER)
        PAS 330:  Women in African-American Religion (new course; cross-cultural
        PAS 528:  History of African-American Education (new course;
                  cross-cultural GER)
        PAS 535:  History of African-Americans in Kentucky (new course:
                  cross-cultural GER)
        PAS 586:  Field Research ("summer only" restriction removed)

The committee noted that the department needed to indicate which areas in its 
degree programs the new courses could be applied to. 
        FREN 320:  French Skills Overview (new course)

Dr. Greenfeld said that FREN 320 would be added to the requirements for the 
major and minor in French, effective 98F.  The department will be submitting 
details of these changes, as well as prerequisite changes to upper-level 
French courses, for committee review.