A&S Curriculum Committee Minutes Jan 29 1997



January 29, 1997

Members present: W. Boling, R. Kimball, H. Miller, J. Morrill (Chair), M. Rohmann, R. Sahoo, E. Segal, R. Taylor

Members absent: J. Morrison

Guests: A. Futrell, R. Kelly

Professor Morrill called the meeting to order at 2:05 pm.               

Ms. Winnie Boling, a sophomore biology major, was introduced as the new 
student representative to the committee.

The minutes of the meeting of December 10, 1996, were approved as distributed.

The committee approved the recommendation of the Admissions and Appeals 
Committee that the placement essay exam administered by the Writing Center no 
longer be used as a sole criterion for international students or non-native 
speakers of English to demonstrate English proficiency for admission to the 
College of Arts and Sciences.  

The following courses were added to specific areas of the Religious Studies 
minor, effective 97F.

      To area A:  HUM/SOCS 216:  Introduction to World Religions
      To area C:  WMST 345:  Women in Hinduism and Buddhism (cross-listed
                  with HUM/SOCS 345)
      To area F:  HUM/SOCS 334:  Human Rights and Religious Traditions
                  WMST 340:  Women and Religion (cross-listed with HUM/SOCS 340)
                  HUM/SOCS 344:  Religion in the United States

The committee approved the Department of Anthropology's request to remove ANTH 
203: Introduction to World Prehistory from the major and minor in 
anthropology, effective 97F.  The course will count toward the major/minor for 
students who take it prior to 97F.  In the major, ANTH 203 will be replaced by 
ANTH 305: Introduction to Archaeology as a core requirement. In minor Option A 
(which requires ANTH 305), the removal of ANTH 203 will increase the 
anthropology electives from 6 to 9.  In minor Option B, ANTH 305 will replace 
ANTH 203 as a core requirement. 

The following course changes were approved, effective 97U unless otherwise 

     COMM 360:  World Wide Web Writing (new course)  
     COMM 321:  Advanced Reporting Methods (delete)     
     COMM 322:  Nonverbal Communication (delete)         
     COMM 324:  News Editing and Layout (delete)
     COMM 330:  Radio Production (delete)
     COMM 349:  Public Affairs Reporting (delete)
     COMM 415:  Advanced Studies in Interpersonal Communication (delete)
     COMM 416:  Quantitative Research Methods (delete)
     COMM 420:  Editorial Reporting (delete)
     COMM 426:  Decision-Making (delete)

     HIST 367:  British Imperialism (new course; WR credit)

     POLS 399:  Honors Seminar (title change)
     POLS 363/WMST 358:  Women and Leadership in Developing             
                Countries (level change to POLS 563/WMST 558)

The meeting was adjourned at 3:15 pm.