Curriculum Committee

Documents, minutes, and resources pertaining to the Curriculum Committee of the College of Arts and Sciences
Curriculum Committee Meeting Minutes
FileSubmitting Academic Programs Proposals/Changes to the Curriculum Committee
Given the university’s new budgetary model, there has been a significant increase in the number of proposals coming to the Curriculum Committee for changes to academic programs. In order for the committee to be able to appropriately serve its function in approving these changes, the Curriculum Committee is requesting that departments submit a more standardized set of documents.
FileCourse Inventory Management (CIM) Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)
The Course Inventory Management (CIM) system is University of Louisville’s online course proposal and editing platform. The Office of Academic Planning and Accountability (OAPA) serves as the project lead for CIM. If you are already a catalog editor in CourseLeaf, your university single sign on (ulink username/password) will give you access; anyone who does not have credentials can request them directly from Krista Young (see contact info at the bottom of this page).