College Advancement 101

The College of Arts & Sciences Communication Team wants to help you to be as self-sufficient as possible in your communications. This website will provide links to the tools and instructions you need for planning and promoting your event, and for promoting your department through various media channels. Review the information below; if you don't find what you need or if you have questions, comments, or suggestions regarding this site, email us at

What is Advancement?

Advancement is a strategic, integrated method of managing relationships to increase understanding and support among our key constituents, including alumni and friends, government policy makers, the media, members of the community and philanthropic entities of all types. The primary core disciplines of educational advancement (Definition from are:

  1. Communications and Marketing
  2. Alumni Relations
  3. Fundraising

Advancement-related job functions are found at the departmental/program level, at the unit level (in the A&S Dean's Office), and/or centrally (the Offices of Advancement and Communications and Marketing and the Alumni Association) Please let us know who you are and what advancement-related job functions you perform by filling out this web survey.

With those three approaches in mind, let's start getting your message out there - ADVANCE!

STEP 1: Define your audience

The first thing to ask yourself is, "is my event really for the public?" Just because it is “open to the public” does not mean it is a public‐friendly event. These questions will help you determine your audience and what venues would give them the best exposure:

  • Does the subject matter have a wide audience appeal or is it discipline‐specific and intended for a narrow network of people?
  • What are my time constraints? Is this a daytime or evening event? Weekday or weekend?
  • Is the subject topical? Does it relate to events or themes in the news?
  • What on-campus offices, programs and departments with similar disciplines might help me promote this event?
  • Are there community organizations that might be interested?

If you determine the event is really geared toward an internal or more academic audience, you will want to consider the following avenues for spreading the word:

  1. Share with A&S faculty and staff via the Monday Memo
  2. Share with the entire UofL faculty and staff community via UofL Today
  3. Share with A&S students via A&S student listserv by contacting Marissa Williams in Advising or submit to all students through the SGA weekly newsletter

STEP 2: Plan your event

  1. Request a user profile for, our event management service
  2. Check out the series of training videos at The password is "attendevents".
  3. Login to to begin building your event after you have received your account profile
  4. Visit the Knowledge Base to find training videos, documentation and FAQs about using
  5. Download resources from our A&S Event Planning toolkit (as presented at June 2015 event planning workshop)
  6. Read more about how to plan an event : Elevating the Event Experience: How Colleges and Universities Can Learn from Dalhousie’s Success (provided by

STEP 3: Promote your event

  1. Post your event to the UofL Calendar by logging in with your normal UofL account credentials.
  2. View this video demo of how to enter an event into Locallist
  3. Contact the calendar's administrator, Brandy Warren for more assistance, by email or by phone at 502.852.8025
  4. Request mailing addresses if you plan to send event invitations or announcements through the mail
  5. Share your event with the College of A&S social media profiles (Facebook, Twitter) @UofLASThinker
  6. Ask other faculty to share the event info with their contacts and networks
  7. For other print and web design solutions, see the next section: "I want to promote my department in print and on the web".

The most effective and affordable way to promote your department is through the web and print media services offered at UofL. Information Technology and the Office of Communications and Marketing provide a content management system called Plone that will allow you to create and update your own website. iTEch Xpress is an affordable way to have print collateral fulfilled here at the University.

Although these services allow you to be fully self-sufficient in your marketing and promotions, the A&S Communication Team is available to provide guidance during your design process.



*If you are interested in commercial radio or print advertising outside of the University, contact

    Use the form at to submit your news and events. Your submissions will be placed in the Monday Memo, the College of A&S weekly e-newsletter.  This is the best way to have your information disseminated to all A&S faculty and staff.

    Email all supporting documents, e.g. flyers, to and type "MONDAY MEMO" in the subject line. If it is a time-sensitive announcement that you feel cannot wait until the Monday Memo, be sure to copy Melissa Moody on the note and type "TIME SENSITIVE MONDAY MEMO" in the subject line. As a rule, please submit your content for the following week's memo by 12 Noon on Thursday. If your announcement has accompanying material, please try to provide that as a web link. If that is not possible, you can forward the material as an attachment.

    Content can include but is not necessarily exclusive to the following:

    • Good news or kudos about A&S faculty, staff, students, alumni, friends and/or programs
    • Information about publications, exhibitions, performances, grants, awards, and leadership roles. NOTE: given the high number of conference presentations, please do not submit those unless they are keynote addresses or special invitations. We suggest you forward those to Holly Hogue in the A&S Research Office.
    • Announcements related to administrative, financial, IT, and/or HR policies and procedures
    • Changes to advising policies or procedures
    • Information pertinent to instruction, research and/or service
    • Advancement information, e.g. items related to fundraising successes, communications and marketing, and alumni relations
    • If you wish an upcoming event to appear in the Monday Memo, you need to submit it to the University calendar
    • Department chair and UBM announcements

    Direct all Monday Memo feedback, suggestions and corrections to

    Contact A&S Development director Kathy Sides by email or phone (502.852.5051).

    Find the tools you need at the Alumni Association website or contact Nakia Strickland, Assistant Director of Constituent Relations by email or by phone (502.852.1017)

    Up-to-date alumni records are of paramount importance. If you have new information regarding your alumni, please email to update alumni contact information.


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