PBK Lecture 2015: Dr. Lyle Roelofs

November 12

"Liberal Arts Education: Think Like You Mean It"

Dr. Roelofs, President of Berea College, shared his thoughts on the benefits and necessity of continuing to offer a Liberal Arts Education.The event was presented by UofL's College of Arts and Sciences, UofL's Office of the President and the Phi Beta Kappa Association of Kentuckiana.


There are those who would argue that the best way prepare today’s youth would be through teaching them a specific set of skills, so that they are able to go into the work force and earn a living. However, colleges that continue to offer education in the form of Liberal Arts are offering a skill set that is both more fundamental and expansive in its scope. By sharing the basic elements of reasoning, intellectual history, cultural competency, communication and various literacies, liberal arts institutions prepare their students for the more flexible and nimble adaptations that modern society currently demands.

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About Dr. Roelofs

Dr. Roelofs joined the central Kentucky college as its ninth president in 2012. He previously had served Colgate University as its interim president, provost, dean of faculty and physics professor and had worked at University of Maryland, Calvin College, Brown University and Haverford College. He earned his master’s and doctoral degrees in physics from University of Maryland and a bachelor’s degree in physics and mathematics from Calvin College.