Diversity, Engagement, Culture & Climate

The Office of Diversity, Engagement, Culture & Climate (DECC) supports the College of Arts & Sciences in its efforts to transform the teaching, learning, and working environment into one of full inclusion and equity for all, to promote and advance the value of global citizenship, and to develop and sustain engagement programs that empower the community and build knowledge while integrating scholarship with real life experience.

National Heritage and Awareness Calendar


Martin Luther King, Jr. Day


Black History Month


Women’s History Month
Irish American Month
Greek American Month


Arab American Heritage Month


Asian American and Pacific Islander Heritage Month
Jewish American Heritage Month
Military Appreciation and National Veterans and Military Families Month


Caribbean American Heritage Month
Immigrant Heritage Month


Disability Pride Month
French American Heritage Month


No Designated Recognition


Latinx/Hispanic Heritage Month


German American Heritage Month
Filipino American History Month
Italian American Heritage Month


Native American Heritage Month


International Day of Persons with Disabilities


University Resources

UofL Office of Diversity & Equity
To begin the process of transforming our community to an antiracist campus, the Office of Diversity and Equity is collecting materials to provide a central hub of resources.

Cardinal Anti-Racism Agenda
This site highlights the historic steps, current and ongoing initiatives, and future actions enacted or needed to help us achieve this goal.

University Policy on Work-Restricted Religious Holy Days
Federal law and university policy prohibit discrimination on the basis of religious belief. It is the policy of the University of Louisville to accommodate students, faculty, and staff who observe religious work-restricted holy days.

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