2022 A&S Awards

Congratulations to the winners of the 2022 A&S Faculty and Staff Awards. The winners were recognized at this year’s Celebration of Excellence on April 26, 2022.
2022 A&S Awards

Many thanks to those who served on the nomination review committees. Reviewing the nomination materials and selecting winners is a time-intensive but important service to your colleagues, the College, and the University.

The following recipients of the 2022 A&S Awards were announced at the Celebration of Excellence on April 26, 2022:

Innovative Teaching Awards

Danielle Franco

Associate Professor, Chemistry
Innovative Teaching Award (Individual)

“I didn’t think I would award maximum in every category for anyone, but she really deserves it. She uses evidence-based methods with her extra innovations, mostly in the (very important) implementations. The evidence of success is included in the nomination. I’m extremely impressed. If she doesn’t get the award, nobody should.”

Mikus Abolins-Abols

Assistant Professor (Term), Biology

Rachel Pigg

Assistant Professor, Biology

Shira Rabin

Associate Professor (Term), Biology

Innovative Teaching Award (Team)

“I lost my main means of gauging students’ understanding during lectures which was, in the past, to simply ask them during class. In working with Drs. Pigg and Abolins-Abols [for BIOL 242], I found solutions to many of the challenges I faced as an instructor at the outset of the pandemic.”

Outstanding Performance Awards

Kimber Fogelman

Scientific Instrument Specialist, Chemistry

“Everything that Kimber does is done at the highest level and he clearly deserves this recognition. I can’t emphasize enough that the Chemistry Department lab courses could not have made it through the Covid years without Kimber’s dedicated efforts.”

Clest Lanier

Program Coordinator, Senior, Office of Diversity, Engagement, Culture & Climate

Clest has excelled “through her vision, initiative, and ability to design and implement unique community engagement programs in Louisville’s downtown and western sections of the community. Her ability to engage community leaders and community stakeholders enhances the university’s presence throughout the community.”

Steve Riley

Instrument Specialist, Chemistry

“Mr. Riley’s job title, ‘Scientific Instrumentation Specialist,’ does not adequately describe the wide variety of skills and expertise that he brings to the department. He is responsible to maintain, troubleshoot and repair scientific apparatuses, laboratory instruments, and chemical appliances. Computers, office equipment, and other necessary chemistry-building infrastructure, including the deionized water system and various compressed air lines also are under his purview.”

Joshua Rimmer

Machine Shop Staff, Physics

“Mr. Rimmer took the initiative and improved the machine shop operation in several outstanding ways. Mr. Rimmer is a pleasure to work with, always helpful when consulting on preparation of purchase orders, or when doing multiple iterations in the design of prototypes using CAD software.”

Bethany Smith

Fellowship Coordinator, Honors Program

“Year after year, Bethany has excelled across every area and with every task assigned to her. In short, when she undertakes a project, the team knows that its outcomes will be positive and the results will be ones of which we can be proud.”

Outstanding Supervisor Awards

Danielle Dolan

Assistant Dean for Advising and Student Services
Outstanding Supervisor Award (Staff)

“Danielle treats all of her staff with the utmost respect. She gives us feedback when we need it and does so with much consideration. She focuses on our strengths and encourages us to build on those. She is one of our biggest advocates within the college and across campus.”

Regina Roebuck

Chair, Classical and Modern Languages
Outstanding Supervisor Award (Faculty)

“Regina works for the best interest of the department as a whole. She supports all the faculty the same regardless of the language section they come from. While ASL and Spanish are the largest languages, she still looks out for the well-being of other languages too. She speaks up for diversity within the Department and within the College.”

Diversity and Community Engagement Awards

Thomas Wayne Edison

Associate Professor, Spanish
Community Engagement Award (Faculty)

“Dr. Edison is research-focused and community-minded: Not only is he a Fulbright Scholar and published author, but he has also served the UofL community by planning events for the LGBTQ Staff Association and leading campus events that celebrate Afro-Cuban identity and culture. In addition, Dr. Edison developed an urban micro-farm, Changó Gardens, in the West End.”

Lauren Heberle

Associate Professor, Sociology
Community Engagement Award (Faculty)

“Dr. Heberle’s approach to community engagement is rooted in methods that center equity and justice and enhance quality of life for residents, and her efforts are reflective of the University of Louisville’s broader mission to become an anti-racist institution.”

Yara Mekawi

Assistant Professor, Psychological and Brain Sciences
Diversity Champion Award

“Dr. Mekawi brings her deep passion and commitment for diversity, equity, and inclusivity to every activity in which she engages. … Dr. Mekawi is uniquely positioned for this work with her deep and unparalleled understanding of both intra-individual as well as systemic factors that that contribute to problems such as discrimination, marginalization, and inequity.”

Taleia Fisher Willis

Interim Director of Finance and Lead Fiscal Officer, A&S Dean’s Office
Community Engagement Award (Staff)

“For over 15 years, Taleia Fisher Willis has demonstrated an outstanding commitment to mentoring and serving students within the College of Arts and Sciences. … Her leadership extends also to staff, where she led and coordinated the Black Faculty/Staff Association Fourth Annual Welcome B(l)ack Meet & Greet event by introducing and connecting Black-owned and minority-owned vendors to the university community.”

Outstanding Director of Undergraduate Studies Award

Judith Danovitch

Associate Professor (soon to be promoted), Psychological and Brain Sciences

“In 4 years in this role, Dr. Danovitch has transformed the undergraduate experience in Psychology and Brain Sciences. She introduced a multitude of initiatives to increase undergraduate research; led the department in revising the undergraduate curriculum to include 4 core courses with a clear hierarchical sequence; re-envisioned the role of academic counselor and worked to hire someone who could specialize in raising student awareness about career opportunities; and actively sought out ways to address sources of inequity and bias that affect student success.”

Outstanding Graduate Mentor Award

Lee Thompson

Assistant Professor, Chemistry

“Dr. Thompson is always available and willing to discuss new ideas, problems in research, and revising papers. He is always willing to meet and send messages out-of-hours, and just knowing that I could discuss anything with my mentor in a reasonable amount of time is irreplaceable.”

Outstanding Director of Graduate Studies Award

Tamara Sluss

Associate Professor (Term), Urban and Public Affairs

“Dr. Sluss is dedicated to Louisville and the University through her directorship and proves every day by being available to department heads and students by phone, email, Teams, etc. … She is a real dynamo and mentor and should be acknowledged for the tireless energy she brings to the students and their endeavors.”

Distinguished Faculty Awards

Matthieu Dalle

Associate Professor, French
Distinguished Faculty Award for Teaching

“Since his arrival in 2002, Dr. Dalle has successfully modernized the teaching of French culture and civilization at both the undergraduate and graduate levels, and he continues to provide rigorous, engaging, and relevant courses to our students.”

John Gilderbloom

Professor, Urban and Public Affairs
Distinguished Faculty Award for Scholarship, Research, and Creative Activity (Social Sciences)

“In an international poll of thousands of Urbanists, planners, and architects, Professor Gilderbloom was ranked one of the ‘top 100 urban thinkers in the world.’ Gilderbloom’s research in urban sustainability has appeared in numerous books, scholarly peer-reviewed journals, and opinion pieces in newspapers and magazines, including the Wall Street Journal, the Washington Post, and the New York Times, and he is syndicated with City Lab/Bloomberg.”

Frederick Luzzio

Professor, Chemistry
Distinguished Faculty Award in Scholarship, Research, and Creative Activity (Career Achievement)

“The depth and breadth of Professor Luzzio’s research interests in organic synthesis are singular. … His externally funded collaborations are wide in scope and notable in terms of achievements. … His mentorship abilities and dedication to students are second to none. … Professor Luzzio’s career has been amply recognized by the ‘Who’s Who’ of synthetic chemists in the U.S.”

Yuxin Ma

Associate Professor, History
Distinguished Faculty Award for Service to the Profession

“For over 15 years, Dr. Yuxin Ma has tirelessly and selflessly provided her expertise to serve the professional community. Her enthusiasm, energy, and quality of her services are of the highest caliber.”

Kristi Maxwell

Associate Professor, English
Distinguished Faculty Award for Scholarship, Research, and Creative Activity (Creative and Performing Arts)

“Kristi has published seven full-length books of poetry with prominent presses, two of them the recipients of prizes. She has also published two poetry chapbooks and many, many individual poems in well-respected, juried literary journals. She has also published numerous essays in scholarly books and journals, including one book chapter on pedagogy. "

Andrew Rabin

Professor, English
Distinguished Faculty Award for Scholarship, Research, and Creative Activity (Humanities)

“There is literally no one in Anglo-Saxon Studies or any of its subfields who does not know Dr. Rabin’s work intimately. Perhaps more importantly, there is almost no one in the field who does not owe at least some aspect of their success in the field to Dr. Rabin.”

Olorunsola Scholarship

Yara Mekawi

Assistant Professor, Psychological and Brain Sciences

“The proposal Dr. Mekawi has submitted reflects a powerful combination of systematic empirical science with a strong commitment to racial justice and is in line with the University’s commitment to antiracism initiatives. Dr. Mekawi is an outstanding candidate for this award, and I am confident that Dr. Mekawi’s work … will lead to meaningful contributions to this area of scholarship and to our community.”