Connect and Engage with A&S

Engage in a meaningful way

There are many ways to become a true part of the A&S community. Here are just a few:


A&S Recent Alumni Network

The A&S Recent Alumni Network focuses on networking opportunities for those alumni who have graduated since 2000 and are seeking opportunities to further their careers. We believe A&S connections and shared values are among the most valuable benefits of a degree from the College of Arts and Sciences. Our objective is to create a variety of fun and engaging social, networking, professional development and educational events for A&S alumni. For more information, contact alumna Lauren Hendricks (BS in Communication, 2010; MA in Communication, 2012) or like the Recent Alumni Network on Facebook.



A&S Ambassador Program

A&S Ambassadors are the face of A&S alumni as well as the service arm of the College of Arts and Sciences and are essential to the College’s engagement efforts. We set up events, participate in College-sponsored service projects, and greet students, faculty and fellow alumni with a ready smile and show of A&S pride.






A&S events

From lectures and film screenings to art shows and roundtable discussions, there is always something happening in the College of Arts and Sciences.  We invite you to come back to campus and reengage with your major or take in a new subject. See all of our upcoming events in A&S and let us know that you are part of the A&S family!









The Book-In-Common Alumni Initiative

BinC is a great opportunity to connect your social circle to the campus community through the University-wide BinC program. Read this year’s Book-in-Common, This I Believe, and host  or attend a book discussion with family, friends, co-workers or fellow alumni.



For more information on these or any other A&S alumni or friend programming, contact Lindsey Ronay or Tracy Heightchew at or 502.852.6490.