2018-19 Study Abroad Photo Contest Winners

Best Overall: Volterra, Tuscany, Italy
Taken in Italy by Devon Amsler

 Volterra, Tuscany, Italy

Cultural Heritage: Ndugu "Brothers"
Taken in Tanzania by Cierra Battle

 Two boys walking together

Ancient Architecture: Montepellier Labryrinth
Taken in France by Mary Lou Romero

 Street in Montepellier France

Modern Cities: Autumn in Switzerland
Taken in Switzerland by Mariah Curtis

Bridge in Switzerland

Mountains and Landscapes: The First Glimpse of Patagonia
Taken in Patagonia by Sarah Ernst

Forest in Patagonia

Oceans and Sunsets: Valaparaiso Waves
Taken in Valaparaiso by Sarah Ernst

Coast of Valaparaiso

Plants and Wildlife: The First Bite
Taken in the Amazon Rainforest by Kendall Ruber

Monkey in the Amazon rainforest

Plants and Wildlife: #Humpday
Taken in Jordan by Elizabeth Pena

 Man on a camel

Congrats to all our winners!!