Matt Church (Coach/Sponsor) - Matt is an Academic Advising Coordinator in the College of Arts & Sciences Advising Center where he advises History and Philosophy majors. He is also the quick recall coach at Ascension school in Louisville, a Kentucky Association for Academic Association certified official, and the President elect of the Kentucky Collegiate Quick Recall League. Previously, Matt participated in academic team in years he prefers not to mention. He has a Bachelors and a Masters Degree in History and is a Doctoral Candidate in the College of Education. Matt is married to the love of his life Kelly and they are proud parents of a son, Samuel Church.


Eddie Bobbitt (Assistant Coach/Sponsor) - Eddie is an Academic Counselor, Sr. with the College of Arts and Sciences Advising Center. He primarily works with Political Science and Paralegal Studies majors in the social science division. He has a Bachelors in Sports Administration and a Masters Degree in Higher Education Administration.  When he is not working with students on the Belknap Campus, Eddie is active with Camp Quality Kentucky; an organization that provides a summer camping experience and year round support program for children with cancer.