Choosing a Major

Learn about choosing a major that fits you!

One common misconception is that "pre-health" is a major. While some schools do offer a major called pre-health (or pre-med, etc.), you can major in anything while preparing for professional school admission. As a pre-health student, you will take a set of prerequisites for the program you wish to pursue, in addition to your major courses. Some majors, such as Biology, Psychology (Natural Science Concentration) and Chemistry, include many of the pre-requisites within degree requirements. For some majors, however, you may take a number of your prerequisites as electives.

For many reasons, the most important factor in choosing a major is your interest in the subject. First, professional programs have high expectations and are extremely competitive. Your academic success is an extremely important factor from the start. Professional and graduate programs want to see that you are successful not only in pre-requisite coursework, but in your academics more generally, and choosing a major that interests you will go a long way in contributing to your success. Additionally, because of the competitive nature of these professional programs, it's a good idea to have a "Plan B." It's a good idea to pursue a major in a field in which you would like to work. If you're uncertain what major to choose, there are many ways to educate yourself and learn more. To speak with a Pre-Health Advisor about choosing a major at UofL, call 502-852-5502 to schedule an appointment now.

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