Guidelines for Petitioning to Repeat a Course

*For A&S students only

Please read carefully before completing a repeat form as there are two options:

  1. Option #2: If you are seeking to obtain permission to register for a course that you have previously completed twice prior (ex. You took Biol 102 in Summer 2017, again in Spring 2018, and you want to take it a third time in a future semester), please review the guidelines below and click the button link to use the repeat form on the registrar's website.

    Students are allowed to repeat a course once without using the petition process. Once the course is repeated, the most recent grade will be used in counting for your grade point average calculation and towards your degree requirements. This process will be automatically completed at the end of the term in which you have completed the course.

    If you are wishing to repeat the course a second time, the College of Arts & Sciences requires you to complete the petition listed below in order to register for the course after the initial repeat attempt. For example, if you took Biol 102 once, repeated it in a different semester, but did not earn the grade you would have liked, you have to be granted permission to be able to register for the course a third time.

    Students may only receive federal and state financial aid funds one time for retaking previously passed coursework.  Students should speak with a financial aid advisor about the impact on financial aid before making the decision to repeat a course that was previously passed.

    Priority for repeats will be given based on the following guidelines:
    • The course is required for your major/degree;
    • Failure to repeat the course is going to halt/hinder your graduation in the subsequent semester
    • The course is needed as a pre-requisite for a course needed to fulfill graduation requirements
    • You have met with your professional advisor

    If you previously passed the course with a D-, D, D+, or C-, your repeat request may be deferred until the priority registration period is over.

    Some requests may be deferred until you meet with your professional advisor.

Petition to repeat a course