WR Courses

Writing Intensive Courses

WR courses are upper level writing intensive courses.


The College of Arts and Sciences requires each student obtaining a degree in the College to complete two specifically designated writing courses (WR) at the 300-level or above.  This College programmatic requirement is in addition to the University-wide General Education requirement of ENGL 101 and 102 or equivalent.  These upper-level WR courses may both be taken in the major and may fulfill other College or General Education requirements.  One WR course may be in a language other than English.  Courses approved for upper-level WR credit list the letters WR after their titles.  Please consult with your advisor for further detail.


The online schedule of courses indicates which classes are WR.

The letters "WR" will appear after the name of each approved class.

You can view an archived list of previous WR courses here.