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General Education Math Disability Policy and Resources


A student who believes that his or her inability to complete a course that fulfills the Mathematics General Education Requirement is a result of a disability should contact the Disability Resource Center (DRC), which will outline the process for documenting such a disability, explain what courses can be substituted if a disability is diagnosed, and will make clear to the student that such a substitution will make it impossible to take classes for which GER Mathematics courses are prerequisite, thus greatly limiting the majors the student can elect.  

On the basis of appropriate documentation, the Disability Resource Center will render its judgment about whether the student has a disability that warrants the substitution of an approved course for a GER Mathematics course.  The DRC will forward its decision and any recommendation of a substitution to the College of Arts and Sciences Dean's Liaison to the Admissions and Appeals Committee, which will keep a record of such approvals to enable yearly reporting of numbers to Admissions and Appeals, GECC, and the Department of Mathematics; the Dean's liaison will then forward the approval to the student's academic adviser, who will notify the student, provide any additional advice about substitute courses, and enter the approved substitution into the student's academic plan.  The Dean’s liaison will also notify the student’s academic adviser if the student has been determined not to have a disability.