Frequently Asked Questions

The catalog for the year in which you entered the University.  You can opt to use a later catalog, but not a catalog prior to your entry into the University.  If you sit out for two or more years you follow the most recent catalog year.

You can find out the name and contact for your academic advisor here.  You can make an appointment with an A&S Advisor by calling 502 852-5502.

You can find them in both the schedule of classes and in Ulink. You can use the Planner tab in Ulink to plan out your courses for your entire academic career.

You can find registration times on the registrar's website.

You should login to Ulink and go to the student services tab.  Click on the "holds" link to see if you have any registration holds that will prevent you from registering on time.  Those holds can include advising holds, financial holds, library fines, and parking tickets (among others).  If you have an advising hold please make an advising appointment.

The deadline to withdraw is posted on the academic calendar (listed on our events page). You should always consult with financial aid and the bursars before withdrawing - to check on any financial impact withdrawing may have.  If it is past the withdrawal deadline you will need to petition to late withdraw.  After the deadline you will need to provide supporting documentation such as medical or legal issues in order to withdraw from a class.

You should fill out a repeat form to replace the previous grade. They are available from the Petitions and Forms menu at the top of the website.  Don’t forget to use the REACH center and the Writing center for academic assistance.  A&S students have only 4 repeat forms to use total (overall).

You may have an advising hold if you meet any of the following conditions:

  • Freshmen with less than 24 hrs earned
  • Students on conditional status
  • Students with over 45 hrs and no officially approved major (must apply on website)
  • Those who have fallen off of their flight plans (for example someone on a 4 year flight plan would need 30 hrs per academic year)
  • First semester transfer students
  • New students (excluding post-baccalaureate and visiting students from other colleges and universities) are also required to be advised.
  • Certain approved majors: approved French, Math, Philosophy, Theatre Arts, WGST, and English (the later for Spring only).

FYI - there are non advising holds like library fines, parking tickets, and Bursar's (monetary) holds that can keep you from registering on time.  Double check Ulink for holds again about 2 weeks before your registration date.

They can be downloaded from the main menu under "petitions and forms".  For questions regarding petitions or petition results please email asappeal@louisville.edu.

You can add and drop classes on Ulink until the date set by the Registrar's office (which is usually the end of the first week of class in Fall and Spring).

You may not be notified if you are enrolled into a class that you waitlisted.  You should login to Ulink repeatedly before the end of the drop/add period (usually ending on the last day of the first week of class) to check your status.  You will not be enrolled in the waitlisted class if you have a time conflict with another class in which you are already enrolled.  See further information on waitlisting here.

The steps in choosing a major are listed here. You should also consider making an appointment at the Career Center to discuss your options.

Request a Preliminary Degree Check on the A&S website when you reach 90 credit hours.

  • Meet with departmental liaison and/or A&S advisor.
  • Start the job search or start researching graduate programs and GRE dates.  You should being preparing for grad school during your Junior year or earlier.
  • Apply to graduate on Ulink at the beginning of the semester in which you intend to graduate.