GEN 101

General Studies 101 Orientation Course

This class is designed to help students gain an increased awareness of academic support services offered throughout the University and the College of Arts & Sciences Advising and Student Services, increase your access and awareness of curricular and extra-curricular activities on campus, and to explore your academic and social self-awareness to create the best strategy for your career at the University.

Orientation classes are designed to help acclimate students to college life.  During this course we will give you some information about how to plan which courses to take, choosing a major and how to get involved on campus.

To register for this course please register for "General Studies 101".

Special Sections

There are several topic specific GEN 101 courses available

If you are a student in one of the following areas you can take a GEN 101 class tailored to your interests:

  • Natural Sciences Division
  • Humanities Division
  • Social Sciences Division
  • Exploratory or Undecided Major
  • Porter Scholar
  • Online GEN 101-50 - The first fully online A&S GEN 101.  Materials can be found here.

Please see the schedule of courses to find available sections.

For most sections (except the online course) you must email the instructor for permission to enroll.

Are you enrolled in GEN 101 now? See our student resources page.