Welcome Fall 2021 Arts and Sciences Freshmen!

We in the College of Arts and Sciences are excited to welcome all of our incoming freshman this summer for Virtual Freshman Orientation!  Please take a look at the following resources that explain how the Arts and Sciences advising and registration process will work online as you navigate your way to becoming an official UofL student.  On this page, we provide answers for the following questions:

What should I do first?

Once you've been accepted to UofL, step one in the Virtual Freshman Orientation process is signing up for a virtual Launch! live session with your SOSer (Student Orientation Staff leader).  Once you've signed up, there are several things you can complete in the meantime:

  • Complete your online Orientation Modules
  • Complete your Advising In-Take form on the New Cards Gateway
  • Check to make sure you have completed any necessary placement exams (Accuplacer and/or Foreign Language Placement)
  • Dual Credit: Contact the host institution directly to order official transcripts to be sent directly to UofL at the following address:
    • Office of Admissions
      Department AO
      University of Louisville
      Louisville, KY 40292
      Email: adetran@louisville.edu
  • AP/IB/CLEP scores - Please ensure that you have requested that your score reports be sent to UofL.
  • This checklist can also be a helpful guide for all of the Orientation steps you will need to take.

What happens during Launch! sessions?

During Launch!, you will attend a live Zoom meeting with other incoming freshman and get to know each other as well as your SOSer.  You will also hear from an academic counselor who will review academic and program information and who will be happy to address any questions you have about the advising process at that point.  By the end of your Launch! session, you will have scheduled your virtual one-on-one advising appointment with your academic counselor for a future date. 

Who will I see for my virtual advising appointment?

You will be assigned an Advisor for your virtual Orientation appointment.   The advisor will be available to answer any questions you might have throughout the summer.  

How do I schedule my virtual advising appointment?

While your SOSer will guide you through this process during your Launch! session, we wanted to give you a heads-up about how this process will work.  

  1. Your academic counselor will send an advising campaign link to your UofL email account (be sure to check both the "Focused" and "Other" inboxes as CardSmart emails sometimes end up in "Other") from CardSmart one day before your Launch! session.
  2. When you click on the link in this campaign email, it will take you directly to your account in CardSmart (it logs you in behind the scenes), and you will be able to select a day and time for your one-on-one advising appointment.  Please make sure that you are double-checking time zones (our calendars are on Eastern Standard Time (EST)) to ensure that you can make it to your virtual appointment on time.
  3. Once you confirm your selected date and time, make sure you that you have completed the final step in the process on CardSmart before logging out.  You should receive a confirmation email regarding the appointment in your UofL email if the appointment was successfully scheduled.  If you do not receive a confirmation email, the appointment was not saved, and you will need to click the link again and take the process all the way through the final submit step.
  4. If you need further help with this process, we have provided some detailed instructions with screenshots here.
  5. If you need additional support with this process, or if you missed or need to reschedule your virtual Arts and Sciences advising appointment, please feel free to contact the our office at asadvise@louisville.edu.

How should I prepare for my virtual advising appointment?

Your Orientation virtual advising appointment will take place with an academic counselor on Microsoft Teams.  You will need to have Teams installed on your laptop/PC/mobile device in order to attend this meeting.  Please click here for instructions on how to install Teams, an outline of the appointment attendance procedure, and ways to prepare for that appointment.  In addition to these tips, please make sure that you have completed your Pre-registration Questionnaire on ULink prior to your appointment.  This will save lots of time when it comes to registering for your Fall 2021 classes during your advising appointment.

When will I register for Fall 2021 classes?

At the end of your advising appointment, your academic counselor will guide you through the registration process and assist you with enrolling in Fall 2021 classes. You will be using ULink to register, and your advisor will guide you through the steps. If you would like to make any changes to your schedule after that meeting, you are free to do so.