Frequently asked questions

Frequently asked questions

Q: Where can I find the current catalog?

A:  It is fully online (there are no paper copies).  You can find the catalog on the homepage of the UofL website under the Academics column (link). 

Q: Which catalog should I use?

A: The catalog for the year in which you entered the University.  You can opt to use a later catalog, but not a catalog prior to your entry into the University.


Q: How do I find the times and days of available classes?

A: You can find them in both the schedule of classes and in Ulink. You can use the Planner in Ulink to plan out your courses for your entire academic career.


Q: When can I register?

A: You can find registration times on the registrar's website (link). 

You should login to Ulink and go to the student services tab.  Click on the "holds" link to see if you have any registration holds that will prevent you from registering on time.  Those holds can include advising holds, financial holds, library fines, and parking tickets (among others).  If you have an advising hold please make an advising appointment.


Q: How can I find the deadline to withdraw from a course on Ulink?

A: The deadline to withdraw is posted on the academic calendar.  You should always consult with financial aid and the bursars before withdrawing to check on any financial impact withdrawing may have.  If it is past the withdrawal deadline you will need to petition to late withdraw.  After the deadline you will need to provide supporting documentation such as medical or legal issues in order to withdraw from a class.

Q:  If I am repeating a course that I already took - what form do I need to submit?

A:  You should fill out a repeat form to replace the previous grade. They are available at Gardiner Hall.  Dont forget to use the REACH center and the Writing center for academic assistance.

Q: Where are the petitions to late add, late withdraw, and request other academic exceptions?

A: They can either be downloaded from the main menu under "petitions" or you can pick up a paper copy at Gardiner Hall.  For questions regarding petitions or petition results please email asappeal@louisville.edu.


Q: How long do I have to finalize my schedule once classes have begun?

A: You can add and drop classes on Ulink until the date set by the Registrar's office (which is usually the end of the first week of class).


Q: How do I choose a major?

A: The steps in choosing a major are listed here.  You should also consider making an appointment at the Career Center to discuss your options.