Directory of All University of Louisville Advisors

A Directory of all Academic and Departmental Advisors at the University of Louisville

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You may meet with your Academic Advisor at any available time regardless of whether you have been officially accepted into your major.

Make an appointment

After you have officially applied (and been accepted) to your major you may see your Departmental (Faculty) Advisor.

For the main phone number to each Department please see their website.

Your Departmental Advisor can give you more in-depth information about topics and courses within your field of study.  If you are interested in doing an internship for course credit, asking about upper level courses, or have any related questions, please make an appointment with your Departmental Advisor today.

If you are enrolled in (or Intra-University Transferring) to a school outside of Arts & Sciences, then please see their contact information.  In addition you may see the GPA requirements for each unit with a list of phone numbers for Advisors within each school here.

Find a listing of Athletic advisors here.