How to Register

Basic registration instructions can be found on the New Cards website and on the Registrar's website.


There are two ways to look up your class times and days.  You can either use the schedule of courses or you can search via Ulink (where you actually register).  The schedule of courses can be easier to navigate depending on your comfort level with the internet.

How to register using the Planner (for continuing students)


How to register searching Ulink


How to register using the schedule of courses and Ulink (both)

1/ Open two internet browser windows.
One window is for the schedule of courses, and the other is for Ulink.

A/ In the first window pull up the online schedule of courses.

Please select the term (semester) you would like to search.
•    You can use the top drop down menu (Subject) to find all courses at UofL.  
•    The second drop down menu (Gen Ed Category) is used to locate General Education (core requirement) courses only by category.

In the online schedule of courses, for each course listed, the following information is provided: Class number, title, section, times, dates and instructor.  If you click on the title of the course it lists a description and tells you if the course has any pre-requisites.

Please notice the Class Number in the far left column – You will need this number to register in ULINK.
This is a 4 or 5-digit number uniquely assigned to each class section.   It can be found in the left hand column.  Please choose the section you would like to enroll in and write down the name of the class, the section number and the CLASS NUMBER.  The class number is kind of like a barcode.  You will only need that number to type into ULINK (our registration system) in the day that you register. Example: 54812 is a Class Number.

B/ In the second window log into Ulink.
First time users can call the Help Desk at 852-7997 for assistance logging in with usernames and passwords.

You are now ready to register on ULINK:

1.    Go to and enter in your UserID and Password in the space provided (similar to your email username).
2.    Select the Student Services tab at the top of the page, and scroll down using the scroll-bar at the right of the page.
3.    Under Registration click on Add Classes. Make sure your name appears at the top of the screen.
4.    Select the term you would like to register for. Enter the four or five-digit class number in the space provided. If you do not have the class number, you may Search for Class.
5.    Check to make sure this is the correct class you wish to add, and check the status of the class (open or closed). If the class is closed, you may check the box to waitlist (Please refer to our website, for information concerning the waitlist).
6.    Proceed with registration by clicking on Next. The class has now been added to your shopping cart. (You may need to scroll down to view this). You can now select another class to be added to your shopping cart by entering another class number in the space provided. Once you are satisfied with the class(es) in your shopping cart, you are now ready to finish the registration process.
7.    Click on Proceed to Step 2 of 3. Confirm your class(es) by clicking on Finish Enrolling. A checkmark in the status box means the class has been added to your schedule. An ‘X’ in the status box means there was an error and the class was not added to your schedule.
8.    You may now click on My Class Schedule either under the status box or at the top of the page. You can also click on Weekly Calendar View to see your classes each day for a certain week. Once you are finished viewing your schedule and are ready to log off, click on Logout at the top-right corner of the screen.


How to waitlist a class


Advisors are here to help you, but choosing your courses is ultimately up to the student.  You are responsible for knowing and meeting the requirements in the catalog (which supersedes any statement by an academic advisor). To make an appointment, please call (502) 852-5502.