A&S Academic Dishonesty Incident Report

Instructors and faculty may use this form to report incidents of academic dishonesty in their classes, including cheating and plagiarism.  As per the A&S policy:  "A report of the facts of the case and any decision which was made should be sent by the professor to the Dean or his/her designee. The faculty member has the authority to address and sanction dishonest acts as most appropriate for the course and type of dishonesty that occurred."  

Before reporting cases of academic dishonesty you must:

  1. Contact the student and attempt to resolve the matter.
  2. Inform the student of their right to appeal an unfavorable decision to the department Chair first and then the Discipline Committee. 

Please do not submit this form unless you have already performed the two actions above.

Instructor Information
Involved Parties
Incident Details
Date of Incident  
Supporting Documentation
Please upload all supporting materials regarding the situation, including a copy of your course syllabus and any other materials that support the allegation.