Lennon Michalski: Mistakes Making Traits

The University of Louisville Hite Art Institute is pleased to announce the opening of Lennon Michalski: Mistakes Making Traits at the Cressman Center for Visual Arts from July 20 through September 1, 2012. A reception will take place during the First Friday Trolley Hop on August 3 from 6:00 to 9:00 p.m.

Mistakes Making Traits is a visual exploration of how our culture is quickly merging with technology. Michalski’s imagery conveys worlds where the line between organic and machine becomes blurred, giving birth to fictitious creatures. Through painting and digital video, he depicts mechanical apparatus’ to resemble living organisms functioning in architectural environments full of danger, beauty, and comedy. The artist’s unique application of medium adds to the wonder and complexity of his work.

Lennon Michalski is a painter and digital video artist from Kentucky. His work has been shown nationally and internationally including exhibitions in Mexico, Colombia, and China. Michalski earned his Master of Fine Arts degree in Painting and Digital Media from the University of Colorado at Boulder. Oxford American recently named Lennon one of the Top 100 Southern Artists. He presently teaches in the College of Art at University of Kentucky.