Center for arts and culture patnerships. Create, collaborate, enrich, celebrate, educate. University of Louisville College of Arts and Sciences. Top picture woman with red and black butterflys. Bottom picture man and woman viewing a painting.The Center for Arts and Culture Partnership Initiative is a master plan whose mission collaboratively enhances learning and research opportunities for UofL faculty, staff and students through programmatic initiatives that facilitates access to the university's intellectual capital through programs, shared endeavors and resources of its arts, cultural and historical partners for the enhancement of these partnership institutions,'the University community and our greater metropolitan community.

The Center is a manifestation of the University's metropolitan mission to foster engagement in the diverse cultural communities in a multidimensional, collaborative, mutually, beneficial partnerships facilitates access and collaboration of their intellectual capital in order to  create more richly varied educational experiences that enhance educational  and cultural competencies for participation in a democratic society and lifelong learning.

The Center serves the entire University, while this initiative is located in the College of Arts and Sciences, programmatic initiatives range from workshops for arts and cultural partners, an annual symposium on aspects on the history of Louisville, research projects engagements with that reflect the customs, oral histories, emigrational traditions of the diverse cultures and ethnic populations in our metropolitan communities, conferences, art and cultural exhibitions, oral histories   and other partnership activities.

UofL has a dedication to its role and a citizen to improve all aspects in the lives of Kentuckianaa citizens and the University community.