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Summer Course in Anti-Land Grab Activism

Want to be a driver of social change?

Want to get hands-on experience on designing and implementing a campaign?

Interested in exploring the issue of land rights in Latin America?

ActionAid is an international, anti-poverty agency working with coalitions of poor and excluded people from around the world, bringing their perspective to bear on US policies that affect developing countries.


ActionAid is building up Activista in the US, a global youth network doing creative campaigns in more than 25 coun­tries , and we want YOU to be a part of it. We are starting the Global Platform USA, where American students will have the opportunity to take part in international campaign courses with activists from around the world.

This is your chance to explore in-depth the impact of US policies on developing countries, and learn how to take ac­tion and campaign for international justice and fair policies with fellow international activists!

This summer, we are launching a Campaign  course against Land Grabbing taking place in El Salvador, where you will be able to explore the relationships between US policies and smallholder agriculture in Latin America.

This 4-week course will focus on understanding the different ways to develop a strong and effective campaign. We will analyze the power relations that directly impact land grabbing, and investigate the issues surrounding land rights. This course will include participants from both South and North America.

When you return you have the possibility of joining Activista USA to plan and run campaigns!

Want to learn more about Activista? Be sure to check out how the Activistas from Kenya, The Gambia and Nepal were campaigning for land rights on World Food Day.

Want to check out what other destinations we have for you this summer? Click on the map below!

“Being in the Global Change course allowed me to understand the importance of working together in groups and how far you can get as a team. You learn how to plan and jump-start a campaign—your campaign is suddenly on  TV, in the newspaper and on the radio. I don’t have the words to describe these moments. I can just say—you have to live it!”



Gonzalo Chavarria

Nicaragua 4-Month Global Change Participant Autumn 2010