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Call for Papers for Central States Anthropological Society

CSAS, a section of the AAA, avidly supports a four-field approach to anthropology and provides a wonderful opportunity for collegiality and networking at the regional level. The CSAS conference, with its low registration rates and welcome atmosphere, is an especially good venue for students who want to present a research paper or organize a session or event. It’s also a great place to debut a paper or session for AAA or another national or international gathering. I urge you, your students, and your colleagues to consider participating in this year’s conference.

CSAS 2013

Dec. 7 is the deadline for the CSAS meeting, which will be held from April 4-6, 2013 in St. Louis, MO.

Some highlights for 2013:
        • Conference venue is the Crowne Plaza Hotel, downtown near the Arch;
        • Keynote address by Pascal Boyer on The Naturalness of Social Institutions: How Human Evolution and Cognition Explain Patterns of Human Sociality;
        • Tour of special units and reception on the U. of Missouri – St. Louis campus;
        • Tour of Cahokia led by archaeologists with in-depth knowledge of the site (pun intended!)
To register for the meeting and to submit abstracts for individual papers and posters, and for organized sessions, go to the CSAS Web site (, and click on Annual Meeting in the menu.  At the Annual Meeting page, you will see a link to register. Once you have done that, you will receive a receipt from the AAA with a link to the abstract submissions page; please note that you are required to register for the meeting prior to submitting an abstract.
Flash! Any student who is already a member of AAA can receive a free membership to CSAS!  Students should contact Harriet Ottenheimer, CSAS secretary, at for information.