Grace Ellis

Graduate Research Assistant, MA Student


Research Interests: Human-environment interactions, spatial analysis, GIS, settlement organization, and landscape archaeology.

Thesis: My current research is on settlement organization and landscape modification at Macurany, a pre-colonial terra preta site located on the Middle Amazon River in Parintins, Brazil. Topographic data gathered this past summer (July 2017) with my advisor, Dr. Browne Ribeiro, and colleagues reveals that ancient Amerindians altered the landscape, creating ports and anthrsols. Preliminary results suggest site organization was decentralized due to the spatial distribution, frequency, and size of ports and depth and distribution of terra preta. This analysis contributes toward a better understanding of pre-colonial land modification and settlement organization in Amazonia.

Previous Research: During the summers of 2015 and 2016, I worked with Dr. Haws at Lapa do Picareiro, a Middle Paleolithic site in central Portugal. This experience exposed me to the rigors and excitement of archaeological field work and research and solidified my interest in archaeology.

Education: I graduated with a Bachelors of Art in Anthropology from the University of Louisville in May, 2013. I began graduate studies at the University of Louisville in the Fall of 2016 and am expected to graduate Fall 2018.

Awards: Graduate Research Assistant for Dr. Jonathan Haws funded by the Portuguese Studies Program, Fall 2017-2018. Frederick Hicks International Travel Fund awarded by the Anthropology Department, Spring 2016.