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Anthropology Grad Students to Present at AASHE 2013

Shelly Biesel and Christopher Sims will present their article on urban community gardening at a national conference on promoting sustainability in higher education in Nashville in October.

Shelly Biesel and Chris Sims, both Master's candidates in our graduate program, will present at the 2013 AASHE conference in Nashville, TN.

Biesel's own thesis research focuses on the social and environmental effects of resource extraction in Central Appalachia, and Sims' thesis research works with landscape archaeology on Pleistocene sites in Portugal, but they share a common interest in sustainability and food justice.

Their article published in Sustain: a Journal of Environmental and Sustainability Issues, "Garden With Neighbors", looks at the positive impacts of community gardening in low-income and food-insecure communities. A PDF of the full issue of Volume 27 can be downloaded at the link above.