Department of Anthropology Undergraduate Advising

University of Louisville Department of Anthropology undergraduate advising services are available to both approved and intended majors.


Anthropology undergraduate advising services are available to both approved and intended majors.

A&S Advising is available to help with any procedural questions, academic planning, transcript reviews, and other academic issues at the departmental level.

Students are also highly encouraged to meet with anthropology faculty members (faculty mentors) for specific questions about their courses, their research interests, graduate school advice, and for more information about the field of anthropology.  Remember, it is important to build relationships with faculty who have the same interest as you.


How do I make an advising appointment?

You can make an appointment by calling A&S Advising 502-852-5502.

What if there is a hold on my account?

A&S can only lift academic and career counseling holds after you attend an advising session.  If you have a hold through another department (bursar’s office, library, parking services), then you need to contact the corresponding office.

What do I need to bring to an advising appointment?

Bring any questions you may have.  If you have made a tentative schedule, bring that as well.

Do you accept walk-ins?

Sorry, no.

Do you advise Anthropology minors?

Yes. Minors may also be advised by A&S Advising.

Do you advise students interested in Anthropology?

Yes, please call A&S Advising at 502-852-5502 for an appointment and an advisor will be happy to discuss the department with you.

Do you offer a Bachelor of Science in Anthropology?

No.  The Department of Anthropology offers a Bachelor of Arts with the option for either a concentration in social sciences or natural sciences.

Can Anthropology majors receive a minor in forensics?

No.  If you want to work in the field of forensics, you should minor in biology.  You should also plan on attending graduate school after graduation.

Can Anthropology majors receive a minor in International Health Studies?


What are the requirements to become an anthropology major?

You must have coursework at U or L and have a 2.0 GPA overall.

How do I apply to be an anthropology major or minor?

Visit the A&S Advising page.

What can I do with this major?

Visit the American Anthropological Association’s Career Center to learn more about careers in anthropology.

What about graduate school?

A few basic things you will need when applying to graduate school: a good GPA, letters of recommendations, and GRE scores.  Remember, each university has different admission standards and you should research them.

You should also speak with a faculty mentor who has similar research interest as yours as to which school would be right for you.  You can find a list of anthropology faculty here and their research interests by clicking on the faculty member’s name.

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