2021-2023 Cohort

We are excited to work with this cohort of Muhammad Ali Scholars! They will travel internationally in May 2022 and will work closely to create a social change project in 2023! Be on the lookout for opportunities to support and collaborate!

Ashley Aguilera-Rico

Finance & Business Economics Majors

Area of Interest: Education

"[Education] is the foundation for a lot of opportunities and if we don't fix the injustice there first, then it creates a lot more walls in our paths to overcome and to excel"  

Kaylee Boyd

Psychology Major 

Chinese Minor

Area of Interest: Equity in medical practice & medicinal access

"Addressing equities in education-both medical and academic- is a vital step towards enabling POC youth to achieve whatever goals they have set for themselves."

Taylor Griffith

Pan-African Studies Major 

Social Change and Physics Minor

Area of Interest: Racial Justice within the U.S.  justice system

"Instead of desperately trying to fix a broken justice system, we need to realize that it isn't broken. it was never meant to serve marginalized communities. the sooner we realize this, the sooner we can dismantle a system that issues verdicts based on skin color rather than compassion, logic, and reason.

Maegan Heller

Political Science & Anthropology Majors

Social Change Minor

Area of Interest: Equal Rights & Mental Health

"I want to give everyone the same minimum opportunities to advance."

Kyelia Maxwell

Fine Arts Major

Area of Interest: Healthcare

"I want more representation of black people in fields of mistrust such as the medical field and healthcare."

Shraddha Patel

Math & Sociology with a track in Diversity and Inequality Majors

Political Science & Classical Studies Minor

Area of Interest: Education Equity

"I want to work toward an education system that truly provides equal opportunity for upward mobility and ensures that no one is restricted in their academic endeavors by their address.

Edison Pleasants

Graphic Design Major

Pan-African Studies & Communication Minors

Area of Interest: Education within Jefferson County Public Schools

"There's nothing the world fears more than an educated black woman."

Lorenzo Rowan

Individualized & Pan-African Studies Major

Area of Interest: Black Art & Activism 

"Social justice is intrinsically linked to the well-being of all people regardless of race, class, gender, sexual orientation, or political ideology. I see art, inspired and developed by social justice movements, as a visual reminder that a better world is possible and that I can help create it."

Aubri Stevenson

Public Health Major

Area of Interest: Advancement of Black People

"I am very much and most involved in the fight for the advancement of Black people in America."

Pamambuna Touray

Computer Information Systems Major

Psychology Minor

Area of Interest: Mental Health for Underrepresented Youth

"Protect your freedom, protect your rights, and most importantly protect your state-of-mind."