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Muhammad Ali: A Transcendent Life

The Muhammad Ali: A Transcendent Life Research Guide celebrates his legacy as a global humanitarian, and champion for civil rights and social justice. It is a collaboration of UofL’s Muhammad Ali Institute and UofL Libraries including exhibits across UofL Libraries and new digital resources.

The research guide emphasizes Muhammad Ali’s outspoken assertion of his right to be Black and proud, and his journey seeking freedom and liberation. More about the research guide can be found in our Community Resources.

Digital timelines commemorate Muhammad Ali's unique contributions to civil rights and social justice movements, and his inspiring global legacy. Learn more about Muhammad Ali’s:

The research guide celebrates Muhammad Ali’s connections to Louisville in a storymap -  Muhammad Ali: An Extraordinary Life in Louisville and Beyond of public art, monuments, and murals.

Tell us what you think about: “What can we learn from Muhammad Ali about standing up for peace today?”We are collecting audio/video tributes and community contributions via our Standing Up For Peace web submission form.

A Muhammad Ali Scholar Weighs In

 To Those That Believe We Are Just A Bunch of Angry Kids.

Students and young people across the country and even across the world have been standing up to the police and the establishment. We have truly realized that we do not in fact have to sit down and accept things for the way that they have always been.

Students have been leading social revolutions for centuries globally and they have laid down the groundwork for this movement. We have been begging and crying for help from the “adults” who are supposed to PROTECT US for far too long.

From Minneapolis to Louisville (the city I now know as home.) From Hong Kon to Chile. Students are rising up against the status quo. We have decided that ENOUGH IS ENOUGH!!!

We have had it with you silencing us, we have had it with you telling us that we are too young and too inexperienced to know what we truly want and need. We are told to “Dream Big” of our futures and yet we are not allowed to dream of a future where our communities are not plagued with state sanctioned violence!

We are simply done asking. WE DEMAND JUSTICE!!!!!!! We will NOT be left to deal with the ramifications of your disastrous decision making skills and total lack of discernment. We will NOT pass this onto the next generation as it was passed onto us.

These “Angry kids” are products of YOUR silence and inaction. If you truly support the movement, there is a place for EVERYONE, continue to donate to bail finds, make calls, sign and create petitions, send money to those collecting and donating supplies to front line activists, etc. Follow @blmlouisville and @mvmnt4blklives.

If you are not with us, you are against us. The time is now and we are ready, we were born ready.

-Love Always

Coliwe Mhlanga

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