Programs & Events

ULtra regularly hosts a number of programs and events. They are free for all ULtra students. Sign-up for one or all of them to learn about the program, campus, degrees and more.

ULtra Info Sessions

These sessions are for prospective students and their parents. Learn about JCTC application and admission requirements, how to join ULtra, ULtra services, UofL transfer requirements, UofL housing information, and more.

Transfer Days

On Transfer Days, UofL advisors and staff from various academic programs will be available to provide brief counseling sessions to help you build your academic plan.

Majors Fair

Representatives from UofL come to JCTC’s campus every September to provide information and inspiration to JCTC students. There are prizes, food and great music!

LEAD for the future: an inside look at UofL's advanced degree programs

Know what it takes to get into medical school? What you should do now to prepare yourself as a competitive applicant for nursing? What are admissions practices and policies for the social work program?  L.E.A.D. (Leaders Exploring Advanced Degrees) can help prepare you for the realities of pursuing an advanced degree in various fields.