Applying to UofL

Instructions for applying to UofL as a Senior Citizen.

The first step is to apply to UofL, which requires an application and a non-refundable $25 application fee.

There are two ways we categorize students: degree seeking and non-degree seeking. Based on your goals and reasons for returning to school, we will first want you to decide if you are seeking a degree.

I want to pursue a degree

If you have decided to pursue a degree, your first route may be to apply as a transfer student. This means you have never attended UofL, but have previous college work.

  • Transfer student: you will need to complete a transfer student application and request all official transcripts from every institution you have attended. For directions on how to request your transcripts, please see our Senior Citizen FAQs.  
      • Once admitted, you will be required to complete orientation and academic advising before you can register for classes.

If you previously attended UofL, you will want to apply as a returning student.

  • Returning student: as a returning student, you will not need to request your UofL transcript. There are two applications for returning students:

I do not want to pursue a degree

If you have decided not to pursue a degree, you will want to complete one of the two applications:

  • Continuing Studies: this only requires an application (no transcripts needed). While the admissions process is much quicker, you will be restricted to registering for 100-level courses only. If you decide to pursue higher level courses, you will need to seek the permission of your professor and the department before you can register.
  • Post-baccalaureate: students who are looking to take higher-level courses (200+) may want to apply this route. We require an application as well as your official transcript showing your bachelor’s degree, meaning it could take minimum 7 business days before you are admitted. The benefit of providing your transcript is that we can use it to show you have completed the pre-requisites for your intended courses; the disadvantage of this status is that you will be charged an additional Arts & Sciences fee each semester. 

*If you are UofL alum, you will not need to request your transcript.