Student Experiences

Pushing through pays off

I don't have senioritis. I love my classes and enjoy my professors and my classmates. The work is interesting, and the intellectual stimulation is refreshing. I look forward to each lecture. I read ahead.

I am not your typical senior.

I left UofL at the end of fall semester, 1980 - four hours short of my degree. I just couldn't monetarily afford to go on, so I entered the workforce prematurely.

I'm a photographer. No one has ever cared about my GPA or my degree. They only cared about the work. So, I have worked successfully since. But I have always felt a lack because I fell short of that milestone.

Now, 29 years later, I am taking my last two courses to complete my degree. I know we are only six weeks into the semester, and I haven't had midterms, pulled an all-nighter or even chosen paper topics, but I'm loving it. It has actually been an inspiration for my off-campus work.

I'll still be working 50-60 hours a week at my business while I finish this race, and I may hate midterms and finals as I once did. Maybe I'll come to dread the outside readings. Maybe the papers will be harder than I think. Maybe.

But I accept the challenge nonetheless...

And make no mistake; that which we have all chosen to pursue is a challenge.

I had forgotten the daily challenge to one's intellect and drive that university study actually is. I have a renewed appreciation for both stresses and the rewards of this experience we call a university education.

It's difficult, but worth everything it takes.

-Michael Heitz, Senior - Humanities major