Project Graduate

Project Graduate is the new program initiated by the Commonwealth of Kentucky for people who have completed 80 or more college credit hours but did not receive a degree. Project Graduate is designed to help former students return to school and get back on the graduation track. Whether you want to get better raises, start a new career, or simply feel good about yourself, a college degree can help.  Fill out our Learner Profile to get started today!

The University of Louisville is taking important steps to make sure returning students get the tools they need to succeed.

UofL will:

  • Waive the application fee
  • Provide one-on-one counseling
  • Connect you to campus resources to support your success
  • Provide career counseling
  • Give you priority enrollment
  • Fast-track the application process

Our staff will help you explore the alternative routes for graduation such as credit by exam, online courses and degree programs, and our Organizational Leadership and Learning degree program, which offers credit for workplace learning experience.

Take this opportunity to apply now and get the degree you always wanted.