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Dear UofL Women’s Center Supporter:

Thank you for your interest in supporting the UofL Women’s Center.  With continued support from people like you, the Women's Center continues to address the needs of students.

This year the Women’s Center will celebrate its 25th Anniversary on campus!  During the year we will highlight the many accomplishments of women on campus and in the community.  Joins us as we recognize the accomplishments of women and address the challenges women face in this increasingly multidimensional society!

With your support, we are sponsoring first generation college students with educational and research scholarships.  We are providing opportunities to travel to leadership conferences and networking events locally, nationally and internationally. With your support, we are able to sponsor student led programs for the community including: the Human Trafficking Awareness Conference, the Statewide College Women’s Leadership Conference and an International Women’s Day Celebration.  With support from Graduate Medical Education and the International Center, the Women’s Center now provides engagement activities for our Post Doc women on campus who all too frequently fall out of the employment pipeline.

Students who participated in our student forums expressed an interest in traveling abroad and learning about the challenges women face in other countries. Recent studies indicate that a study abroad experience increases student involvement and retention and leads to improved graduation rates, so the Women’s Center continues to lead a global learning experience for our students.  Past trips include Peru, Spain and Morocco.  While in these countries, students learned about the role of women in society and refugee issues globally.  Students received lectures on all aspects of human trafficking and visited a facility for adolescent girls who are victims of human trafficking in Peru.

The Women’s Center also sponsors students annually to attend the National Conference for College Women Student Leaders at the University of Maryland in College Park Maryland.  Students interested in leadership and running for political office also visit Washington, D.C. and receive a guided tour of the Capitol.

Student parents also benefit from Women Center programs in the form of a Children’s Clothing Exchange Project and the very popular Angel Tree Program. Students play it forward and solicit donations benefiting homeless veterans in the local area.

We need your continued support and hope you sponsor us either by completing the form online or by attending our Women’s Empowerment Luncheon on November 16, 2016.  All contributions are tax deductible and will make a huge difference in the lives of our students and in some cases, the children they support.


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Thank you for your support.


Best regards,

Valerie M. Casey,

Director of the Women’s Center and the Women’s Center Staff